TKO Kimoto and Nobukob Yoshimura secretly performed together! They talked about the contents of the “700 million yen investment trouble” at a live performance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

TKO Kimoto and Nobukob Yoshimura secretly performed together! They talked about the contents of the “700 million yen investment trouble” at a live performance

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TKO Kimoto answered “I’m working part-time” to a direct interview with this magazine (January 6 and 13, 2011 combined issue).

It will soon be one year since the huge investment trouble by Takehiro Kimoto, 52, of the comedy duo “TKO,” was revealed last July. At the time, Kimoto asked TV and radio stations to suspend his appearances, and his KBS Kyoto program “Weekend Live Kimoyiri! on KBS Kyoto, which he was hosting, was cancelled, and his agency, Shochiku Entertainments, terminated his contract with Kimoto.

Kimoto had approached more than 10 fellow comedians, and the uproar involved comedians from other agencies as well. The total amount of the trouble amounted to 700 million yen, which included Takashi Yoshimura, 42, of Heisei Nobushi Kobushi. It is said that Mr. Yoshimura invested as much as 50 million yen.

Yoshimura, who has appeared on numerous TV programs as a popular comedian, and Kimoto, who disappeared from terrestrial broadcasting after his contract was terminated by Shochiku…. On May 24, these two “fated” comedians were actually seen together on the same stage at the “Machiroku ch~Your Life, Please Tell Me~ Live “Laugh and Despair 2″” event held at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo. Machiroku ch” is a popular You Tube channel with 1.15 million subscribers (as of June 10) where freelance director Sanshiro Mitani conducts interviews on the street and delves deeply into the lives of ordinary people, celebrities, and even popular figures. Recently, Cowan Okamoto, who accused the late Janie Kitagawa of sexual assault, also appeared on the channel.

Yoshimura appeared at the event along with Koji Higashino (55), who appeared at the launch of the channel, and Yasuko Omori (35), who sings the channel’s theme song “Rude. Midway through the event, an interview with Kimoto’s partner, Takayuki Kinoshita (51), was shown on the screen, and at the end of the video, the two TKO members made a surprise appearance.

I was frankly surprised and everyone cheered and welcomed their appearance. They performed a short skit, which was funny and had the stability of veterans” (an audience member).

It was the investment stories that drew more laughs than the comedy. Asked by Higashino about the aftermath of his investment troubles, Kimoto said,

“The situation is much better now,” he explained.

“The situation has improved a lot,” he explained. Kimoto and Yoshimura then exchanged words on stage.

When asked by Higashino how long they had been working together, Yoshimura replied, “It’s been about a year since we last saw each other, but we keep in touch. We haven’t worked together in a year, but we keep in touch.

Yoshimura emphasized that their relationship is good. In that vein,

Yoshimura told the audience about an episode during the commotion, when he and Kimoto-san were talking on the phone about something important, and Kimoto-san accidentally pressed the in-camera button on his phone, and it showed Kimoto-san on the balcony smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone, and Yoshimura said, “Enough! He told the audience that Mr. Yoshimura had told him, “You’ve got to stop this! They were making a joke out of the trouble they were in.

The two also worked together to take a quiz. Yoshimura was punished for an incorrect answer,

Why do they have to do this to me?

Higashino replied, “Because I made an investment (laughs),

Higashino teased, “Because I made an investment (laugh).

Higashino teased him, saying, “Because I invested in it (laughs). Kimoto responded, “The investment itself is not bad,

The investment itself is not bad. I got involved in it. Please give it to me and not Yoshimura.

He also said that there were times when he was considerate of Yoshimura while making fun of him. The two have a “history” with each other, but at the event, they seemed to show they were on the same page with their usual investment jokes.

It seems that they could not advertise the event because they were concerned about the impression that co-starring with Yoshimura would have on other creditors,” said Kimoto. Kimoto was also happy to co-star with Yoshimura, but he had to be cautious because of the possibility that it might affect his future court cases, etc.” (source in the entertainment industry)

It seems that the day when we can truly laugh at investment stories is still a long way off.

Nobu Kobu Yoshimura, who has become a man (July 24, 2003 issue).
Kimoto leaves his home and heads to a friend’s house with a cigarette in his hand. His expression is dull (August 12, 2010 issue).
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