Ryoko Hirosue’s Alleged Infidelity and Husband Candle Jun’s Serious Family Situation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s Alleged Infidelity and Husband Candle Jun’s Serious Family Situation

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Unlike past scandals, Ryoko Hirosue has been affected in various fields. ……

She said, “My own family is going through a tough time right now. I will make a clean break after this, so please enjoy yourselves.”

Candle Jun, the husband of Ryoko Hirosue, who has been in the middle of an affair scandal, attended an event at Ryusenji Temple in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, on June 11, the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. There, he spoke about his family, Sports Nippon reported on June 12.

At the beginning of the article

I apologize for disturbing the public with my private matters.

Jun has been a member of Ms. Hirosue’s family for a long time,” Sports Nippon reported on January 12.

Jun has been tight-lipped about the Hirosue affair, and this is an unusual case. And since it was a reconstruction event, there was no need to mention his wife’s infidelity as it had nothing to do with the event.

However, on the other hand, since Mr. Jun’s making such a statement would also report the existence of the reconstruction event, did he think it would be a good idea to support the victims of the disaster, even if only a little? In fact, since ’11, he has been going to Fukushima Prefecture every month on the 11th of the 11th lunar month to hold a candle-lighting event for the recovery. Ironically, there are probably people in Japan who would not even know about such activities if it were not for this scandal.

Jung’s Instagram story includes the following

On the 147th anniversary of the death of the founder of the temple, people from Nihonmatsu and those who had lived in temporary housing came to the event, and we rejoiced to see each other again.

The message reads, “147th moon anniversary of my death, together with everyone in Nihonmatsu from the days of my temporary housing, we are happy to see each other again.

But what exactly does a clean slate mean when it comes to family matters?

The only thing that would be considered normal is divorce. Jung frequently participates in recovery events as a “candle-lighting” artist. If his wife is staying at a hotel with a neighbor man while her husband is away, it will only hinder his clean activities.

At this month’s anniversary event, Mr. Jun mentioned that his eldest son (19) was taking care of his second son (12) and eldest daughter (7). It is not clear whether he meant that he does so when Ms. Hirosue is not around or that he and Ms. Hirosue have already separated and his eldest son is doing the best he can. However, if you read it backwards, it may be an appeal that “the family can get along without the mother.

On the other hand, Hirosue’s Kirin Beer commercial video was deleted. On the other hand, Hirosue’s Kirin Beer commercial video was deleted, and the filming of the movie in which she starred, set in Kochi Prefecture, was postponed just before the crank-in date.

The movie has not been shot yet, so there is a possibility that the lead actress will be changed. More importantly, the commercial was already running, so there is a possibility of claims for damages and penalties.

The new commercial presentation had just been held on May 18, and it was reported that they were already having an affair at that time. It is said that they are very angry with the advertising agency and the sponsors because it was like they cheated them.

Hirosue, who has been causing a stir since she was young, is still making the headlines. The difference between her and her “saintly” husband has also come to light, and if the divorce goes through, the damage will be even greater.

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