Last year alone, she appeared in five movies and four TV shows! Why Actress Yukino Kishii is so valued | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Last year alone, she appeared in five movies and four TV shows! Why Actress Yukino Kishii is so valued

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The shooting began early in the morning in Nishi-Shinjuku. The flamboyant coat was impressive.

It was a morning when the wind was a little cold. On a street in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, the location shooting for the TV drama “Sunday Night About…” (TV Asahi) was underway.

Among the circle of staff was Yukino Kishii, 31. As she stood on a platform placed on the sidewalk, the camera began to roll. Then a nearby staff member scattered a large number of boxes of beauty products and other items in front of Kishii’s eyes. The next moment, Kishii jumps off the platform.

This is the scene where Kishii walks around with a large amount of goods in her hands. The scene was filmed over and over again.

If you watch closely, it looks like the scene where Kishii, with a large amount of beauty products and bags of cup noodles in her hands, kicks herself spectacularly and scatters the products she was carrying all over the street. During the scene, Kishii looked gloomy both before and after the scene.

In this scene, the woman played by Ms. Kishii wins the lottery and wins 10 million yen, but she spends it on trivial things and feels self-loathing,” he said. This drama is a story of friendship among women, in which three women, each with a sense of loneliness and stagnation in their daily lives, change their lives through a chance encounter; the female friendship without the romantic element, as in “Brush Up Life” (NTV) in the January season, is gaining sympathy. Ms. Kishii plays one of the three main cast members along with Nana Seino (28) and Airu Ikumi (21),” said a TV station official.

Kishii stares off into the distance with a somewhat melancholy expression.

Since last year, Kishii has continued to make rapid progress.

Last year, she appeared in five movies and four TV dramas, and in March of this year she won the Japan Academy Award for Best Leading Actress for her role in the movie “Keiko Me no Sumimete” (“Keiko, Clear Your Eyes”). In the drama, she played the role of a woman who has no romantic or sexual desire, “ Koi nen Futari” (NHK), in which she played the main character of “Aromantic Asexual”, and “Atom no Kodomo” (TBS), in which she played the heroine in a Sunday drama sandwiched between Kento Yamazaki (28) and Kohei Matsushita (36). Her naturalistic and realistic acting has been highly acclaimed.” (Film industry insider)

Kishii made her debut as an actress in 2009 after being scouted on the Yamanote Line when she was in high school. 20 years old, she applied to join a theater company on her own and began appearing on stage, which led to more opportunities to appear in movies and dramas. In 2004, she appeared in the NHK historical drama “Sanadamaru” and in 2006 in the NHK morning drama “Manpuku. She gradually gained public recognition, and after the success of her starring role in the 2007 film “Ai ga nanda da” (What’s Love?), her acting became even more polished as a talented actress. In an interview, Kishii said that her straight, self-directed acting may be a reflection of her complex.

If I were to try to be too bright in the scene, the role itself would be a lie. If I am living this life, and I have been given a role, then I should be able to show my true self. The role of Keiko is exactly the same, and I thought that if I acted, half of what would be conveyed would be lost, so I thought it would be best to have the filming of me living in the present moment.

Surrounded by a large staff, the shooting continued.

The most attractive thing about her is that she has a lot of facial expressions. She is not a “super beauty,” but we are drawn to her facial expressions because of her acting ability. She has a stage background, so she can play a wide range of roles, and she has a lot of emotion and expressive power. She has a wide range of roles that ordinary idol actresses cannot compete with. There are many actresses her age, such as Tsubasa Honda, Ayame Goriki, and Rino Sashihara, but in terms of acting ability, she is a little ahead of her generation. She may become a good actress as she gets older.

Kishii says that she had been working part-time at a sushi restaurant “to the point that people around her were surprised” until “What’s Love Got to Do With It” became a hit in 2007. He says that he still shows up two or three times a year as a sign of gratitude for all the care he had received throughout the years. Perhaps her charm lies in the fact that she cherishes such an ordinary life.

She had a careful meeting with the staff at every break in the shooting of the drama, which was so spirited.
  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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