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Johnny’s Establishes a Third-Party Committee for their Former Representative’s Sexual Assault Investigation

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Keiko Fujishima Julie said she was unaware of Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault. (from official website)

The Johnny’s s office announced the establishment of a third-party committee for investigation.

On June 9, the company updated its official website regarding the “Special Team of Outside Experts to Prevent Recurrence” formed to address the issue of Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault. The team will investigate the sexual assault by the former manager, which was reported in the Weekly Bunshun.

The office announced the following regarding the “Special Recurrence Prevention Team of External Experts”

“As an external third party independent of our company, this team will work closely with those who have reported sexual assault by the late Janie Kitagawa, who was our representative, to investigate problems in our company’s past handling of the situation and to recommend measures to prevent recurrence regarding governance issues. This team is an external, independent third party that will conduct the investigation and make recommendations, and will function as a third-party committee”, she emphasized and then added,

“We have been informed that this team will be investigating this issue as well.”

Bunshun reported that a male former manager had repeatedly sexually assaulted multiple Johnny’s celebrities. The alleged perpetrator also admitted the fact.

A person involved in the entertainment industry said, “They were slow to act on the issue of former president Janney Kitagawa, but they are moving quickly on the former manager’s case. It is hard to believe that they are the same company.”

The main issue is the sexual relationship between the former manager and the former talents.

There are signs that the main issue may be shifting to the sexual assault of the former manager, so we need to watch this carefully. The official website also includes a worrisome sentence.

The official website also includes a disturbing sentence: “In response to the results of the team’s investigation and recommendations for measures to prevent recurrence, our company will take appropriate measures to address the situation. We would like to inform you of any matters that should be reported to you as they arise, and we would sincerely appreciate your continued support and feedback.

The third-party committee is in the position of “advising” the Johnny’s’s office, which will report the results of the investigation.

The media has been reporting on Mr. Johnny’s sexual misconduct. The media has reported on how Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults were carried out and how they were portrayed, but such graphic expressions may cause “secondary damage,” so they will not be used.

On the news program “news zero” (NTV) broadcast on the 5th, Sho Sakurai of Arashi made his first reference to the sexual assault issue. Sakurai mentioned that he “belongs to an office that is being held accountable” and is “in a position where he could be seen as a victim,

“I thought it would be difficult to comment,” he confessed.

He confessed, “I thought it would be difficult to make a comment. He then added

“There are people who are hurt by speculation.”

She also warned that “there are people who are hurt by speculation.

“I want you to protect my privacy and investigate what was going on.”

Sakurai’s comments also emphasized the need for an investigation initiative.

Sakurai’s comment also states that it is the Johnny’s office that will take the initiative in the investigation. This could lead to a bare bones substance.

Above all, fans, media, and clients are focusing on whether or not President Keiko Fujishima Julie really “did not know” about Janie’s sexual assault. Apparently, the third-party committee will make recommendations on the scale of the sexual assault and the problems with the governance at the time, but will not pursue President Julie, saying that she really knew about it.

The key to this issue is whether or not President Julie will be able to get past the “I didn’t know” line. If she says she knew about it, Johnny’s will be in serious trouble.

Depending on the results of the investigation to be announced in due course, there may be another upheaval.

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