Atsuhiko Nakata, “Ori-Raji,” the reason why he “softly refused” Hitoshi Matsumoto’s offer to “let’s meet. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Atsuhiko Nakata, “Ori-Raji,” the reason why he “softly refused” Hitoshi Matsumoto’s offer to “let’s meet.

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Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (right) was bitten by Oriental Radio’s Atsuhiko Nakata (left). ……

On the evening of June 8, Oriental Radio’s Atsuhiko Nakata, whose “suggestion video” to Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto had caused controversy, updated his channel “Nakata Atsuhiko’s You Tube University” for the first time in about 10 days. He expressed his opinion on the series of disturbances.

On June 29, Nakata released a video titled “Proposal to Hitoshi Matsumoto. In it, he said

Mr. Matsumoto is the face of all conventions. He is in manzai, kontô, daikishi, and manzai. This is a ridiculous situation where Hitoshi Matsumoto is the head of the judging committee for all genres.

He pointed out,

“I wish he would stop being a judge for some of the award shows.

He also appealed to the audience to “stop being a judge for some of the award shows.

Matsumoto responded to this on his Twitter page

I’m waiting to hear from you! I’m waiting to hear from you!

Matsumoto responded, “I’m waiting to hear from you! This has eased the tension in the comedy world, and all sorts of comedians are now rubbing it in as “material.

In the meantime, he and his partner Shingo Fujimori released a video titled “[After the suggestion incident to Hitoshi Matsumoto]. Fujimori said

Fujimori asked, “Are you going to meet [Matsumoto]?”

Nakata replied.

Nakata replied, “I don’t think it would be that interesting if the two of us met in person. It’s not about exchanging opinions. I’m not arguing with you.

I just want to say what I’m thinking. I want to continue to say what I want to say.

Fujimori said.

According to Fujimori, Nakata

knows too much about Matsumoto san and knows too much about him. I respect him too much.

Nakata also said

Nakata said, “That’s because I’m making suggestions out of love. Crazy love. Everyone comments that they love Matsumoto san, but not many people like Matsumoto san so much that they became comedians. I am one.

Nakata emphasized that the videos were the “reverse side of his love.

Nakata is currently living with his family in Singapore. Fujimori urged him to return to Japan, but he refused. A person involved in the comedy industry said, “As long as things cool down a little more, I’ll be fine.

He won’t come back until things cool down a bit,” said a person involved in comedy. In the video, he was looking cool and relaxed from start to finish, but I think he’s still scared for some reason.

He also speculates, “I think he’s a bit scared.

To sum up the recent furor, Atsuhiko Nakata, who considers himself an “educational YouTuber,” is in fact a “flaming YouTuber. Nakata also runs a members-only salon, which attracts people who admire his talk skills and foresight.

Nakata is the “king” of this small community, but this time, when he ventured out into the “ocean,” he was beaten to a pulp. I think it has a psychological impact on the salon members. In addition, the current YouTube guidelines have been changed, making it very difficult for flame wars to take place.

No matter how many channel subscribers they have, companies will not drop money to such YouTubers. Mr. Nakata is always conscious of his own branding, not that of the comedy industry. The reason why he gently rejected Mr. Matsumoto’s “let’s meet” message is probably because he decided that it would be a losing battle even if he continued to do so,” said a person involved in the comedy industry.

Nakata is a smart guy, so he will probably use this experience as a subject for his YouTube videos and members-only salons, but for the time being, he will continue to win in a space where he can be the “king. Will the day come when Nakata once again releases a “flaming video”?

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