Ryoko Hirosue’s “beauty” post was “liked” by her boyfriend’s chef even after the news broke. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s “beauty” post was “liked” by her boyfriend’s chef even after the news broke.

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Ryoko Hirosue descends on “Kakuyasu” for drinks. The aura that brightens up the whole store at once is ……

It seems to have the opposite effect–.

Former national idol Ryoko Hirosue was reported in the June 8 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine) for alleged “double infidelity. Her partner is Shusaku Toba, owner and chef of the French restaurant “sio” in Shibuya, Tokyo, which is featured with one star in the “Michelin Guide.

After working as a trainee in the J-League and as an elementary school teacher, he took up cooking at the age of 31. He has restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and other cities.

According to Bunshun, Hirosue has been meeting with Mr. Toba since late March, and this month they entered a luxury hotel in Tokyo at different times. Both Hirosue and Toba completely deny having an affair.

However, the reality seems to be different. According to a source.

“The two are special friends. Recently, they have been seeing each other privately more and more often. It seems that they were both into each other.”

The source said. In response to the Bunshun report, Hirosue’s agency said

We leave private matters to the individual, but in light of this report, we have issued a strict warning to the individual to act responsibly,” the agency said in a statement.

The statement reads, “We are taking strict precautions to ensure that he acts responsibly in response to this report. This is unusual because the firm did not go along with Hirosue, who denies the affair, but rather dared to impose a stern warning.

The office was understandably unconvinced by the public announcement of a stern warning for a 42-year-old mother of three and a “good adult. It seems that the office wanted to give her a stern warning for her unrestrained behavior…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

As noted above, the relationship between Hirosue and Mr. Toba does not seem to be affected by the slightest thing. As evidence of this, Toba “liked” tweets related to Hirosue after the evening of the 7th, when Bunshun Online reported the allegations of adultery.

Takizawa Gareso,” which is ridiculed as a Twitter version of “Bunshun Gun,” introduced the recent turmoil by attaching an image of Hirosue and Toba’s two-shot that was reported by the photo magazine “Flash” last month. On the evening of the 7th, a follower commented

Isn’t this beauty seriously too amazing?

Toba himself “liked” the post.

Looking at it objectively, he had liked a comment praising Ms. Hirosue’s too-beautiful weekly magazine photo. The “Like” was later deleted, but at least immediately after the allegations were reported by Bunshun Online, she did not hold out that long” (TV station official).

In the case of Hirosue and Toba, they were interviewed directly by Bunshun reporters before the 7th. Both Hirosue and Toba should have had time to think about how to respond to the situation, sort out their feelings, and “break up” since they are both married….

Despite this, I find it disconcerting that Mr. Toba is pushing “like”. Is he simply not feeling nervous? Or has he already made up his mind ……?”

In Bunshun, a perfect image of Hirosue going to meet Mr. Toba is shown. She is wearing shorts that are over 30 cm above her knees, exposing her shiny, raw legs. When her secret meeting with actor Takeru Sato was reported in a women’s magazine in 2002, she was wearing sexy fishnet tights.

She is usually dressed in chic attire and wears long, loose skirts. It’s a ‘match-winning outfit’ no matter how you look at it. She must be really into it because she changed her outfit to that extent.

In response to a series of media reports, the Kirin Beer “Hon Kirin” commercial featuring Hirosue was removed from the company’s website on August 8. The TV commercial has already finished its scheduled airing, and the company is in desperate need of a future contract. The “damage” from the affair has already been done.

The office was concerned that something like this might happen someday. The two are burning up, despite the concerns of those around them, and we wonder where they plan to go from here.

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