She is currently enjoying her international breakthrough in “Lawyer Woo Young Woo is a Genius! Korean Actress Park Eun Bin “Off-Shoots of Her Visit to Japan”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She is currently enjoying her international breakthrough in “Lawyer Woo Young Woo is a Genius! Korean Actress Park Eun Bin “Off-Shoots of Her Visit to Japan”.

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Park Eun-bin appears in a floral dress. Smiling and waving to fans.

On May 25, Park Eun-bin, 30, star of the worldwide hit Korean drama “Woo Young-woo is a Genius,” arrived at Haneda Airport to cheers from the fans who had rushed to the airport. Woo Young Woo is a Genius” is a human drama about a genius rookie lawyer who lives with autism spectrum disorder and grows up by solving various cases. Park Eun-bin himself got his big break with this film, playing the difficult role of a lawyer with an autistic spectrum disorder.

He came to Japan this time to attend an event (May 26) to celebrate the establishment of his official fan club in Japan, which was launched in March of this year.

Park Eun-bin made her debut as a child actor in 1998. He is a veteran actor and his acting skills are solid, but …… he actually turned down the offer of “Lawyer Woo Young Woo is a Genius” at least once. In an interview with a Korean magazine, he said that he turned down the offer of “Woo Young Woo is a Genius.

In an interview with a Korean magazine, he explained the reason for his rejection: “I couldn’t picture the role even when I looked at the script. (I wasn’t sure if I could live up to their trust.

After careful consideration, Park Eun-bin decided to accept the offer.

The characteristics of autistic spectrum disorder, for example. When he was about to be hugged, his shoulders would jolt, or when shaking hands, he would lightly grasp only the tips of his fingers,” Park Eun-bin performed such fine movements beautifully. On the Internet, people said, ‘ She looks like a person with autistic spectrum disorder. TV magazine reporter. TV magazine reporter (TV magazine reporter).

Waving to fans and repeatedly bailing. He is very polite indeed.

For his performance in “Woo Young Woo is a Genius,” Park Eun Bin was awarded the “Grand Prize for Television” at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards held on April 28.

The Baeksang Arts Awards are the Golden Globes of Korea, and are very prestigious awards. The Grand Prize is an award that transcends the boundaries of categories such as actor, director, scriptwriter, and film.

In the past, the Grand Prize has often been awarded to a single film, but this is the first time that an individual born in the 1990s has won the Grand Prize. Park Eun-bin is the first person born in the ’90s to win the Grand Prize. (TV magazine reporter) TV magazine reporter (TV magazine reporter)

She has finally blossomed from her stoic efforts to face her acting career. In the not-too-distant future, she will become one of Korea’s leading actresses.

She wears a one-piece dress and has long hair, which is different from her role as a lawyer in the drama, but it’s also good!
Her translucent skin is also eye-catching.
Her profile is also beautiful!

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