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X Japan’s First New Song in 8 Years: Is This the Beginning of the End?

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Fans are swirling with anticipation and anxiety over the release of new music from “X JAPAN.

On May 16 (May 15 local time), YOSHIKI held a press conference at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, California, and announced the release of “Angel,” X JAPAN’s first new single in eight years. The audience cheered and applauded. However, the reaction of the fans was not so subtle.

X JAPAN” has not been active since ’18, and there were whispers of a disagreement between YOSHIKI and ToshI. Last year was the 40th anniversary year of the band’s formation, but activities never resumed. It is natural that fans expect “X JAPAN” to restart with the release of this new song” (music writer).

However, the reaction of fans was not necessarily one of anticipation. In fact, there were more voices of disappointment and concern.

One is that “Angel” was composed by YOSHIKI around 2005, and was unveiled at a live performance in 2003 as one of the songs on the album, so it is a well-known song among fans. Some have said, ‘That’s not a new song.’ Another is the concern that “the vocalist might not be ToshI.” The other is that fans are concerned that the vocalist might not be ToshI. Fans are whispering, “If it happens again like the Red Swan incident, a big storm is inevitable.

The “Red Swan Incident” that fans are referring to is when YOSHIKI released “Red Swan,” the opening theme for “Shinkage no Kyojin Season 3” in 2006. Even though the vocalist of the song was not ToshI but hyde of “L’Arc~en~Ciel,” he tried to use the name “X JAPAN feat. HYDE,” and received fierce opposition from fans. As a result, the album was released under the name “YOSHIKI feat.

It is said that there is a sound source for “Angel” that was recorded before ’15. It is believed that this time it will be released as it is or arranged. However, given their past disagreements and the fact that ToshI has made no mention of the new songs, many people are concerned about YOSHIKI’s criminal record. In addition, YOSHIKI performed “Angel” on his own piano at the press conference in May, and the fact that the vocalist for the song was Beverly, a female singer from the Philippines, further aggravates fans’ concerns.

The disagreement between YOSHIKI and ToshI began to be talked about before “X JAPAN” went on hiatus in 2006. The “Red Swan incident” mentioned above is one of the grounds for the disagreement theory, but neither of them has said whether they really do not get along.

There were also reports of trouble over ToshI’s non-payment of fees, but the truth is unknown. However, ToshI has been active under the name “Ryugen toshi” since ’18, and there is no history of his activities with “X JAPAN” in his profile on the official website. Also, when YOSHIKI appeared in NHK’s documentary last December, the fact that ToshI did not give permission to use images of himself in the past became a topic of discussion.

Many believe that their disagreement has reached a point where it can no longer be tolerated. However, some fans took a positive view of the song.

The last words of the lyrics can be interpreted as a message from ToshI to YOSHIKI: “Remember the old days” and “Wake up. Some fans are hoping that the announcement of the new song will be the beginning of the restart of X JAPAN.

Who is the vocalist of the new song? One can only hope that this new song will not disappoint the fans and become the “beginning of the end” for “X JAPAN.”

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