Practicing golf after the crime..! The wealthy man who allegedly murdered a female college student Thallium: “Did he also use a deleterious drug on his aunt? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Practicing golf after the crime..! The wealthy man who allegedly murdered a female college student Thallium: “Did he also use a deleterious drug on his aunt?

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Suspect Miyamoto arrested on suspicion of murdering a female university student with thallium (Image: Jiji Press)

The home of a man arrested and charged with murdering a female university student with the chemical thallium was raided on June 1. The man is suspected of trying to take the life of not only the female student but also his own aunt. The man is Kazuki Miyamoto, 37, an unemployed man living in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, who was re-arrested on charges of murder.

The suspect’s aunt was suddenly hospitalized in July 2008 with severe abdominal pain. She is still unconscious and in critical condition. Investigators have revealed that Miyamoto was alone with his aunt on multiple occasions just before she became ill.

The aunt owned a real estate company. The suspect Miyamoto took over the company approximately three months after his aunt was hospitalized. The police suspect that Miyamoto may have tried to kill her for her aunt’s assets,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the incident in which Miyamoto allegedly murdered a female university student in an article distributed on March 7 of this year. We would like to recount and look back on the horrific crime (some contents have been changed).

The victim’s mother was contacted and told that she “looked unwell.”

‘She coughs violently and looks unwell.’

It was the morning of October 12 last year when the man contacted the woman’s mother. When the parents rushed to the woman’s apartment, she was conscious but unable to stop coughing. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead three days later on October 15. The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by highly toxic thallium poisoning. Thallium is a deleterious substance that was previously used as a rat poison and pesticide.

The man who was with the woman – the man who was with the woman. On March 3, the Osaka Prefectural Police’s Investigation Section 1 arrests Miyamoto on suspicion of murder. Miyamoto and Hinako Hamano, then 21, a junior at Ritsumeikan University, had been drinking together at an upscale bar in Kyoto City on October 11, just before the incident, and then moved to her apartment where they drank together.

The suspect Miyamoto was in the real estate business as well as in the business of organizing maiko events for tourists visiting Kyoto. He had also purchased a teahouse in one of Kyoto’s five flower districts. Ms. Hamano worked as a staff member for events held by the suspect Miyamoto; the two were very close and frequently dined together at a fancy restaurant.

The suspect’s business was generally doing well, although there were times when it was difficult due to the new coronavirus. The suspect’s home was located in an upscale residential area in Kyoto City, where several foreign cars, including a Mercedes Benz, were parked. His family is very wealthy and he is a well-known figure in the Kyoto tourism industry,” said a source in the tourism industry.

On the other hand, Mr. Hamano went to Ritsumeikan University from a high school in Osaka City and lived alone. She liked manga and wanted to become an illustrator.

Many people thought she was dating Miyamoto. Just before the incident, they went to Ms. Hamano’s home after eating and drinking together. In response to Ms. Hamano’s sudden change in health, Miyamoto told the suspect in an interview before his arrest. After drinking, Mr. Hamano started coughing. I bought some medicine at a pharmacy and gave it to him. In fact, security cameras showed Miyamoto going to the pharmacy alone.

As for why he did not call 119, he said, “Because Mr. Hamano refused to do so. The police determined that Miyamoto somehow forced Hamano to ingest thallium and killed her. It is believed that he delayed treatment and pretended to care for her. Immediately after the incident, there are reports that he went to a golf driving range.

Miyamoto is believed to have used a series of illegal drugs to satisfy his own desires. The police are investigating the details of how he obtained thallium and his motive for the crime.

The deceased Mr. Hamano of Ritsumeikan University (from his SNS)
Miyamoto was well known as a wealthy man with a wide range of business activities.
Mr. Miyamoto and Ms. Hamano often ate and drank alone together at high-class bars. (Image: Afro)
Mr. Miyamoto and Ms. Hamano often ate and drank alone together at high-class bars, etc. (Photo: Image: Kyodo News) (Image: Afro)
Police believe that Miyamoto may have mixed thallium with alcohol (Photo: Image) (Image: Afro)
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