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Like the Royal Family! Masami Nagasawa in a “divine” dress

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Nagasawa appears in a graceful one-piece dress

On May 28, Masami Nagasawa, 36, the actress who will be JRA’s promotional character for 2011, appeared as a presenter at the G1 Japan Derby awards ceremony held at Tokyo Racecourse.

Her graceful appearance in a pure white one-piece dress was greeted by delighted comments on the Internet such as, “She looks like the Queen,” and “She looks beautiful as she walks.

Nagasawa and Ai Mikami (22, left) at the awards ceremony.

In fact, there was a sad incident in the race that day. Skirving, who had won the Aoba Award and was the second favorite in the Derby, collapsed on the course and died of acute heart failure.

Nagasawa had listed Skirving as a “horse to watch,” and immediately after he collapsed, he was surprised and looked at him with concern.

In the past, some celebrities avoided public sports such as horse racing because of the “gambling image,” but now horse racing and boat racing are both high-class clients,” said Nagasawa. But nowadays, both horse racing and boat racing have high-class clients, especially the JRA (Japan Racing Association). Only top-class entertainers and seasonal celebrities are hired. Nagasawa has been cutting back on TV exposure for years, appearing mainly in movies. The only drama series he has taken on was last year’s “Elpis: Hope or Disaster” (Fuji TV). She is one of those rare individuals who can continue to be in season even when her TV exposure is curbed.

In that sense, they may indeed be like members of the royal family.

Nagasawa is surprised when Skirving collapses.
Nagasawa and Mikami looking at Skirving
A pure white dress fits her well.
She charmed the viewers with her bursting smile.
Walking beautifully down to her fingertips

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