Gyroli the photographer…! Gershey, who has been sentenced to jail for “exposing the abominations of partygoers without drinking,” in a horrifying candid photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gyroli the photographer…! Gershey, who has been sentenced to jail for “exposing the abominations of partygoers without drinking,” in a horrifying candid photo.

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In the transport vehicle, he smiled while at the same time looking exhausted. The suspect, Yoshikazu Azumaya Yoshikazu, 51, a former member of the House of Councillors, was arrested on June 4 after returning from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he had been staying.

The suspect, Ghasi, is facing four charges, including violation of the Violent Activities Act (habitual threats) and defamation of character. He is suspected of threatening three people, including actor Go Ayano and jewelry designer Kimio Fukutani. Since last February, he had been talking on “YouTube,” saying such things as “I’m doing something quite diabolical,” and continuing to expose untrue stories.

It appears that the return of Gershie to Japan was not voluntary. The Metropolitan Police Department dispatched investigators to the UAE in May of this year. It is said that this is a de facto “deportation” after requesting cooperation in the investigation from the local authorities. It has been about five months since the hearing request was issued. Ghasi, who had said he would never return home and that his dream was to become an Arab royal, was arrested.

He was wearing a French luxury brand T-shirt.

Ghasi arrived at Narita Airport on Emirates Airlines flight 318 from Dubai a little after 5:00 p.m. on June 4. He appeared in front of the press with blond hair, a stubble beard, and sandals.

He was wearing a sky blue T-shirt made in collaboration with Pokémon by the French luxury brand Balmain. The price was over 60,000 yen. At Narita Airport, he was seen smiling and talking to investigators, but he was probably bluffing.

Gershwin’s name became known to the entertainment industry around 1995, when he moved to Tokyo from his hometown in Hyogo Prefecture. He ran a bar in Roppongi and mingled with celebrities. He began manufacturing and selling apparel and launched brands such as “QALB,” and recruited many celebrities as models.

He also took a dangerous path. It is said that he became addicted to gambling and at one point his debts had grown to hundreds of millions of dollars.’ In December 2009, other YouTubers exposed Gershey’s alleged fraudulent activities. They said that he had been making money from advertisements and other sources by offering a false story that he could cast celebrities. Gershie probably feared arrest. It was shortly thereafter that he fled to Dubai.

As mentioned above, it was last February that Gershie opened a video channel, “Yoshikazu Azumaya’s Gershie Channel [Behind the Showbiz World].

He probably felt a sense of resentment toward those who had put him in a tight spot. He began exposing the inside stories of the entertainment world that he had seen and heard in Roppongi and Nishiazabu. The suspect does not drink alcohol. Because he is sober, he remembers the ugly behavior of celebrities at drinking parties. He blurted out their embarrassing words and deeds.

Some of the revelations were extremely damaging to the other person’s reputation and some were critical of family members. The “habitual threatening,” as charged, usually results in a suspended sentence. However, if he was profiting from the video distribution, the court may judge that the crime was even more malicious. Gershie may be sentenced to prison.

Smiling in the transport vehicle.
Gershie gives a challenging look to the press.
His eyes are vacant and he looks exhausted.
He will now be subjected to a severe interrogation by the police.
Blonde hair and stubble
On the flight from Dubai, he was relaxed and operating his smartphone.
He said his dream is to become an Arab royal. ……
Go Ayano, who often appeared in Gershie’s exposés.
Ayano was habitually slandered
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo, Yusuke Kondo

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