Ori Raji’s Atsuhiko Nakata’s “bite” and Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “calm reaction” gave a sense of “relief” to the industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ori Raji’s Atsuhiko Nakata’s “bite” and Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “calm reaction” gave a sense of “relief” to the industry.

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Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (right) was bitten by “Oriental Radio’s” Atsuhiko Nakata (left). ……

One of the biggest topics of conversation in the comedy world is the incident in which Atsuhiko Nakata of “Oriental Radio” bit Hitoshi Matsumoto of “Downtown” fame.

On May 29, Nakata posted a video titled “Suggestions to Hitoshi Matsumoto” on his YouTube channel, in which he examines the “merits and demerits” of Matsumoto as a judge at the M-1 Grand Prix, King of Conte, IPPON Grand Prix, and other events. Finally, he asked

Isn’t he too much of a judge?”

He finally asked for another comedian to take over the judging duties.

Yoshimoto Kogyo reigns as the absolute king of the Japanese comedy world. The industry was very upset by the opinion of Matsumoto, who is at the top of the heap.

As soon as Nakata’s video was uploaded, it quickly spread among young comedians, and they all exchanged messages saying, “This is not good,” “There will be a disturbance,” etc.,” said a person involved in the comedy industry.

(A source in the comedy industry said, “Shingo Fujimori, his partner, also posted a video saying, “I received a call from my senpai at night.

A-chan, you did it!”

(Laughing). Seiya of SHIMOFURI MYOJO was the first to take a bite out of Nakata. In a video, Nakata suddenly said

What do you think of this, Mr. Rough Products?

Nakata turned on the switch by mentioning his name in a video. On his Twitter page, he wrote

Don’t use your partner’s name if you’re a poop who doesn’t play straight, Nakata!

Nakada” on his Twitter account. A person involved in the comedy industry, as mentioned above, said

Seiya-san has an upright personality. He probably couldn’t stand still when his partner’s name was mentioned in Mr. Matsumoto’s review video.

The TV industry was also shaken.

The TV industry was also shaken. On the surface, Downtown appears to be the coquettish Masanori Hamada and the cool-headed Hitoshi Matsumoto, but in fact, it is Matsumoto who is “scary” in many ways. In 2008, when Un-jash’s Ken Watanabe, who was in the middle of an affair scandal, was going to appear on NTV’s “Laugh Out Loud” series on New Year’s Eve, some women’s weekly magazines snubbed him. The scene that had been recorded for the series had to be cancelled because of this.

As a result, we ended up putting Mr. Watanabe in an even more difficult situation. The degree to which Mr. Matsumoto was “tense” at that time was unprecedented in recent years. That year’s “Laugh Out Loud” was broadcast, but the following year it was suspended. It is rumored in the industry that Nippon TV was angered by Mr. Matsumoto’s behavior in connection with Mr. Watanabe’s incident.

Because of this “fear,” there was a fear that Nakata’s video might offend Matsumoto and he might say, “I’m going to drop all the judges.

However, Matsumoto did not mention Nakata’s name, but he did say on Twitter

I’m waiting to hear from you!

I’m waiting to hear from you! By mentioning this topic himself, the level of tension around him dropped dramatically.

After that, the “usual group” such as Hiroyuki, Holliemon, and Kenichiro Mogi touched on the issue, and Koji Higashino and Hong Kong, who are close friends with Matsumoto, as well as “Knights,” Beat Kiyooshi, and Akihiro Nishino of “King Kong” also expressed their opinions on the “Matsumoto vs Nakata” issue. Nakata.

Yoshimoto’s people are not going to make a big deal out of it,” said Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto officials are relieved that it didn’t turn into a big deal. Of course, the entire entertainment industry, including the TV world, is also relieved.

As for Mr. Nakata, however, he will probably not be invited to appear on any Yoshimoto comedian’s show for the foreseeable future. Well, it won’t hurt Mr. Nakata at all. ……

Nakata seems to think that he has thrown a stone at the “Hitoshi Matsumoto one power” comedy world, but at present, everyone seems to be playing with the stones that he has thrown at them. An industry insider said, “This will not change anything.

As industry insiders assure us, “This is not going to change anything.

As industry insiders assure us, “This is not going to change anything,” it is likely to end up as nothing more than a play for views.

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