Will the “goal line” be waiting for a while? Suzu Hirose: The aura of a successful movie actress on the set | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Will the “goal line” be waiting for a while? Suzu Hirose: The aura of a successful movie actress on the set

While there were whispers of her and Kento Yamazaki's goal date, we spotted her on location shooting her new film!

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Hirose relaxes in a chair during a break. Between takes, she was looking at her phone and enjoying conversation with her co-stars.

On a still chilly night in early May. On a main street in Shibuya Ward, a large scale filming was taking place. At the center of it all was actress Suzu Hirose (24). Even in the dark, the smile she showed between takes was striking, and her aura was unmistakable.

It seems that they were filming for the movie “Kata Ai Sekai,” which is scheduled to be released in 2012. Hirose plays the lead role in this film with Hana Sugisaki (25) and Kaya Kiyohara (21).

Once filming was over, Hirose sat back in her chair and relaxed. She seemed to be at ease with her co-stars, chatting with them throughout the waiting time.

Hirose is a successful actress who has starred in three films this year alone, including the drama “Hand in Hand at Dusk” (TBS) and the movies “Nemesis” and “Water Flows Toward the Sea. She has a good reputation among viewers, and the industry feels secure in the knowledge that they will not be disappointed if they hire her. She is not the type to be selfish on set, and is one of those actresses who is easy to work with.

It is said that she and her boyfriend, Kento Yamazaki (28), are close to the goal line, but with such a long list of appearances in movies and TV dramas, it will be difficult for the time being. When you are in Hirose’s class, your drama work is basically set two years in advance, so if she was serious about getting married, I think she would save some of it,” said a veteran entertainment reporter.

Hirose has been steadily improving her reputation as an actress while enriching her personal life. Marriage may be put off for a while yet!

Hirose giggled during a conversation with her co-stars during a break in filming. The soft atmosphere on the set made the reporters smile.
Unpublished photos of Suzu Hirose on the set, showing the aura of a successful movie actress.
Unpublished photos of Suzu Hirose on the set of “FRIDAY” 2023.

From the June 9, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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