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Kim Yo-Jeong’s “miniskirt diplomacy and wine drunkenness” photo

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As the sister of the absolute leader, Yeo Jong has great influence in North Korea (PHOTO: Jiji Press)

The U.S. is a group of insane people who think it’s illegal for us to fly a satellite in a rubber balloon.

On June 1, Kim Yo-jeong, deputy director of North Korea’s Workers’ Party, made these radical comments via the Korean Central News Agency.

Yo-Jeong’s anger was directed at the U.S. after Secretary of Defense William Austin criticized North Korea’s May 31 launch of a rocket carrying a “military reconnaissance satellite” as a “threat to peace and stability. Yosei dismissed the U.S. point as “clichéd nonsense. He then went on to use a series of harsh words such as the following

The U.S. and its dogs are delusional and delusional.

If the U.S. and its dogs continue to act delusionally, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Yo Jong is the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. But her true face is not clearly known. She appears at diplomatic functions in a miniskirt, drinking wine and smiling, while attacking hostile countries with extremist language ……. FRIDAY Digital” provided a detailed description of Yosei in an article distributed on May 1, ’20. We would like to reproduce the article and get a closer look at his mysterious identity (some content has been modified).

If Yo-Jung had been a man, he would have succeeded him.”

Jong-un is said to have three children with his wife, Ri Seol-ju, all of whom are very young. His older brother, Jong-il, is missing, fearing a purge of his younger siblings. The one most likely to become the next leader is his younger sister, Yo-jeong. Shinichi Hen, editor-in-chief of the Korea Report and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said, “The successor will have to be a member of the Kim family.

The successor will be chosen from the Baekdu bloodline, which is the Kim family. Yoseong’s political ability seems to be quite high. Kenji Fujimoto, a cook in the Kim family, once told me that Jong-il (father of Kim Jong-Un and Yo-Jong) had said something like this before his death: “If Yo-Jong is a man, he will succeed him. If Yo-jeong had been a man, I would have let him succeed me. (If Yoseong had been a man, I would have let him succeed me. He has a clear mind.

His father called him “Konjunim (princess)” and loved him. From the age of 11 to 13, she studied at the Pern Public School in Switzerland, the same school as her older brother. It is said that she once visited Disneyland in Sweden and Japan as a secret visitor.”

He is also trusted by his older brother.

Mr. Yoseong’s cheerful and obedient personality has earned him the immense trust of Mr. Jong-un,” he said. He is so trusted that it is rumored that he may be controlling his brother. Not only does she manage Jong-un’s schedule, but she also prepares his hair style, glasses, and even shoes to make him look taller.

Recently, it is said that she is entrusted to stand in for her brother because Jong-un’s talks are often announced under her name rather than that of a senior official of the Workers’ Party of Korea,” said a reporter from a South Korean newspaper.

It is not only among her relatives that she is popular. The power of women in the diplomatic arena is also considerable.

In April 2003, she is said to have married the second son of Choe Ryong-hae, the vice chairman of the party and North Korea’s number two. According to South Korea’s Yonhap News, she visited South Korea for the Pyeongchang Olympics in February 2006 despite being pregnant with her second child.

Since then, she has been seen at many important negotiation sites, including the inter-Korean summit in September of the same year. At meals, she accepts drinks with a smile on her face, and her openness to conversation has earned her a good reputation among foreign dignitaries. Sometimes she even appears in a miniskirt. In Korea, she is called a ‘diplomatic idol.

As a politician, there seems to be nothing wrong with Yo-jeong’s abilities. However, if he were to succeed his elder brother, would there be any problems with his qualities as a top leader? Mr. Hen points out, “There are three things that concern me.

The first is that power will be transferred from his elder brother. In the past, North Korea has seen a parent-child transition from father to son and from son to grandson. If Yo-jeong takes control of the experiment, it will be the first time that there is a ‘horizontal succession’ from elder brother to younger sister. The bottleneck is how to explain this special case to people in Japan and abroad.

The second issue is Yosei’s own health. Like his brother, there have been whispers of health concerns, and in 2003 it was reported in Korea that he had bone tuberculosis and was taking anti-tuberculosis drugs. It is rumored that he is recuperating from his health condition.

Third. The third is that she is young, in her 30s, and has had a limited career. When she first becomes the top manager, she will probably be under a group leadership system supported by several competent people. Power struggles will also become more active. This is where the military will rise to power.

During Jong-un’s reign, the military has been treated coldly as he prioritized economic growth. There must be considerable frustration building up. It will be difficult for the young Yo-jong to restrain them. If the military comes to power, it is likely to flaunt its nuclear capability and take a hard-line attitude. The situation on the Korean Peninsula will also become unstable.

Yoseong’s words and actions are attracting attention at home and abroad. Her influence is likely to grow.

She sometimes appears at diplomatic functions in a miniskirt. At left is his brother Kim Jong-Un. Image from the April ’18 inter-Korean summit meeting recorded in the Aromatic Records.
April ’18. After the inter-Korean summit. From left, then South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Kim Jong-Un. Yo-Jung in a miniskirt.
Yo-Jung is at upper right in the center.’ At a luncheon after the inter-Korean summit meeting in September 2006. Yo-Jung toasts with a smile and a glass of wine in his hand!
June ’18. Escorting President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-Un at the headquarters of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
February ’19. Yo Jong walks in the courtyard of his hotel during the U.S.-North Korea Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.
June ’19. Yo-Jung offers condolences to the wife of former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, who passed away. He never stopped smiling.
At the Pyeongchang Olympics in February 2006. During a women’s ice hockey game for North Korea, he chats with Kim Yong Nam, one of the elders of the North Korean women’s ice hockey team.
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