Why Meruru’s reputation is exploding with “At Least on Sunday Nights…” “All of you will surely be unhappy. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Meruru’s reputation is exploding with “At Least on Sunday Nights…” “All of you will surely be unhappy.

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Location scenery for “Moekare is Orange” in 2010. In the scene where they dash down the sidewalk, strong winds made their hair a mess and they had to reshoot several times.

I killed it. Over and over again, in my dreams, night after night…all of them. In the most brutal ways imaginable. They were like, ‘No, no, no, the human body doesn’t bend at that angle.

In the fifth episode of the TV drama “Sunday Evening” (TV Asahi), Meru (22) and her grandmother (Miyamoto Nobuko) quit the chikuwabu factory where she worked. She bows her head in front of all the employees and says, “Thank you for all your hard work,” but her resentment toward those who have been insidiously harassing her explodes.

What in the world have I done? You, no, you. I’m telling you, you’re all going to be very unhappy. Because I have been putting a curse on all of you. You will definitely be unhappy.”

The employees were taken aback by her sudden change from her usual sarcastic attitude.

The net was filled with praise for Meruru’s performance in this scene.

It was refreshing, like something out of “Skatto Japan.

Meru’s comment “Killing from an unbelievable angle as a human being! Meruru is too cool to say, “I’m going to kill you from an angle that is unthinkable for a human being!

Meruru made me cry. Meruru made me cry. She wasn’t crying, but I was.

Meruru’s acting has been well received. She also made a guest appearance in the fourth episode of “Kazami Kimichika -Kyobo 0-,” also in the April season, where she played a 19-year-old college student who kills the man who got her pregnant and abandoned her, which was well received.

The scene in which she is revealed by the detective played by Yui Aragaki to have committed the crime and bursts into tears because she is so moved to tears was not scripted; the tears just flowed naturally.” Some people said that Meruru ate Gakki in this scene” (source from the production company).

In “Higura,” in which she is currently starring, she plays one of the main cast members along with Nana Seino (28) and Yukino Kishii (31). The film is the story of three women who are stuck in their daily lives with their own problems, but who happen to meet by chance and develop a friendship. Some say it is like the “Fusoroi no Ringo-tachi” of yesteryear with its careful depiction of the three women’s feelings. Like “Brush Up Your Life” (NTV), which was the talk of the town last season, “Brush Up Your Life” has been attracting the most attention despite its mediocre ratings of only 5-6%.

Meru is not at all put off by the strong characters played by two skilled actors: Seino, who is forced to lead an unhappy life because his mother (Eimi Wakui) is in a wheelchair because of him, and Kishii, who is a cheerful ex-yan who has fallen out of favor with those around him and is disconnected from his family. She gives a fine performance as “Wabu-chan,” a woman who has lost her fortune due to her unrestrained mother and has lived in isolation in the countryside alone with her grandmother for years. The relationship between the three of them is established not by relying on the two seniors, but rather by the fact that none of them would be possible without the other two.

From being a model for “Nico☆Puchi” and “Popteen,” in 2008 she appeared in 209 variety shows and became a breakout talent. In variety shows, she is not the type to go all out like other “gyaru” type celebrities, but instead keeps quiet and smiles, and was once described on the Internet as “a woman who got ahead by doing nothing.

But in fact, she had been said to be a good actor since ’21, when she appeared in a drama reenactment of “THE Breakthrough File” (NTV). However, there is a reason why she was able to rise to the lead role in just two years from that point.

In ’21, she appeared in the drama “White Cane Girl” (NTV), and although she was 6th or 7th in the cast, she had a strong presence. In ’22, she played the heroine in the movie “Moekare is Orange,” for which she won the Academy Award for Best Newcomer. However, what made a strong impression on viewers was her role as a former delinquent accused of a hit-and-run case in “Ishiko to Habu Otoko” (TBS) last year, and her role as a murderer in “Kyobo 0”. Both roles were one-episode guest appearances, but they had more of an impact. Because of that impact, her acting skills are also memorable.

Wabu-chan,” played by Meruru in “Nichigura,” is also an unhappy woman so far. Does misery suit Meru surprisingly well?

In the movie “Moekare wa ORANGE-iro” she played the role of a lonely JK in love with a shy firefighter (Teru Iwamoto).

Meruru also looks good in school uniform
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