He will be 95 in June! Dr. Nakamatsu barks! I will be an inventor until I die! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

He will be 95 in June! Dr. Nakamatsu barks! I will be an inventor until I die!

Dr. Nakamatsu has been granted a total of 600 patents over the past 90 years, and already has "Super Smartphone" and "Next Generation Energy" in his mind!

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Mr. Nakamatsu poses cheerfully in his study in the basement of his home and office.

My theory is that I can live to be 144 years old,” the old gentleman said.

The elderly gentleman brewed a cup of light brown tea for this reporter. The man was Yoshiro Nakamatsu, 94, a.k.a. “Dr. Nakamatsu.

Isn’t it delicious? This tea is also my invention. It is called “20TWEN TEA” and contains 20 ingredients such as ginseng and dokudami. It is effective in boosting immunity to various diseases, including cancer.

Mr. Nakamatsu invented the “Soy Sauce Chulchul,” the original kerosene pump, at the age of 14. Since then, he has given shape to more than 3,800 ideas.’ In 2005, he was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in Nutrition for “research that makes people laugh and think,” in recognition of “the results of 35 years of taking pictures of his own meals and analyzing the effects of what he eats on his brain function and physical condition.

I started keeping track of my diet at the age of 42, which is known as “the age of men’s misfortune. From this age, people start aging. I studied the time and frequency of my meals and found that what I ate affected my body three days later.”

Among his many inventions, Nakamatsu says that he has “felt the results firsthand” when it comes to health.

In ’14, I was diagnosed with conduit cancer, and the doctor told me that there was no cure and that I wouldn’t last two years. However, I was able to overcome the cancer by inventing my own cancer-fighting devices, supplements, songs, curries, and drinks.
Since the age of 42, he has also continued weight training without fail, loading a total of 20 tons every other day. That’s roughly the weight of 10 Mercedes Benz cars. There is a theory that jogging is good for your health, but the American writer who popularized jogging by saying so died at the age of 52. While jogging. When you run, the load on your lower body is not good for your health. I invented “Super Pyong Pyong (jumping shoes),” those were invented as shoes to soften the impact of running. It’s not just fun. I’m trying to achieve world longevity.”

The current world’s oldest person is 118 years old. His current goal is to live to 119, but in Nakamatsu’s opinion, it is possible to break the record significantly.

According to my theory, a person should be able to live to six times the age at which he or she had sexual intercourse for the first time. By that calculation, I could live to be 144 years old. That is the real goal. The patient person can live a long life.

Nakamatsu will celebrate his 95th birthday in June, but he is still full of ideas for inventions.

I have obtained 594 patents so far,” he said. There are still others pending. When we opened the Dr. Nakamatsu Invention Museum in Setagaya in April this year, we have received offers from all over the world to come and visit the museum. We have received offers from the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, ……, and nearly 300 people in total. This is the center of invention in the world.
The heart of invention is love. It is not about making money. When you invent for the world and for others, money comes in as a result. Floppy disks and Gakken’s learning device “Nacabizon” are examples.

Ambitions of a 95-Year-Old Inventor

Nakamatsu says that at the root of his inventions is his awareness that he always wants to solve problems for someone else. He is currently working on five social problems.

The one I have in my mind right now is the ‘super smartphone,'” he says. In my mind, today’s smartphones are already old. The second is next-generation energy. The fuel for cars has changed from gasoline to electricity, but I have an idea for a completely different kind of energy. I can’t talk about it right now, though.”

As he spoke, Nakamatsu’s tone gradually became more enthusiastic.

The third and fourth are countermeasures against nuclear attack and missile defense. My house is already built to withstand a nuclear attack, and it also serves as a shelter. The house itself is an invention; I completed it 18 years ago and patented it. I have an idea for a missile attack, called the ‘missile U-turn method,’ in which the missile changes direction when the enemy launches a missile at it.

Nakamatsu has only 50 years left in his theoretical life span. The great inventor’s ambitions are endless.

The last thing I want to do is to have fewer children. There is a perfume I invented called ‘Love Jet,’ which increases sexuality. This is the solution to the declining birthrate. There is a saying, ‘America’s greatest invention is apple pie,’ and an American couple who actually used Love Jet told me, ‘This is the greatest invention since apple pie. I intend to finish the five social issues. I will continue to contribute to the world until the end of my life. I’ll be an inventor until the end of my life.

The rare inventor said this with a twinkle in his eye.

Mr. Nakamatsu himself jumped up wearing “Super Pyon Pyon,” a pair of jumping shoes. An excellent device that can be worn with shoes on.
For 53 years, Nakamatsu has never missed a workout every two days. He still goes to a gym near his home.

From the June 9, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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