Even when sued, “Chorries!” Even though her boyfriend is not getting good grades, she is still in love with him… “Bare Face Images” of Yukina Kinoshita. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even when sued, “Chorries!” Even though her boyfriend is not getting good grades, she is still in love with him… “Bare Face Images” of Yukina Kinoshita.

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In November 2009, he posed with a smile for a direct interview with this magazine.

As expected of a rain man, we’re celebrating at home today.

On May 23, Yukina Kinoshita (35) posted on her Instagram page that she and her two daughters celebrated the birthday of her boyfriend, Hidetoshi Miyuki (30) of J2 Omiya Ardija (Omiya), a soccer team.

He said, “At any rate, the fondant chocolat I made for the first time in five or six years turned out to be a damn mess. The cakes at the store are truly divine.”

Unfortunately, the homemade cake was a failure. With a happy-looking “family photo,” she added, “Keep up the good work. We are your best friend.

Kinoshita’s words of encouragement to Sanko may have been due, in part, to his poor performance at Omiya.

Sanko was left out of the J1 club Shonan and moved to J2 club Omiya last season. He played only nine games and scored zero goals. Furthermore, Masahiro Shimoda, who had led him to Omiya, was dismissed from his post, and he was said to be on the verge of leaving the club. Fortunately, he was able to stay on this season, but so far he has played only 11 minutes in one game and has not been able to produce any results.

Another reason for Kinoshita’s encouragement to Sanko may be the new challenge he has embarked on. It was reported that Miyuki opened a soccer school “Miyuki’s Kosoren” in April for children aged 9 to 12. However, the lesson fee has been criticized as being quite aggressive.

The monthly fee is 25,000 yen for one lesson a week. The usual price for a soccer school is 5,000 to 8,000 yen for once a week. Even the official soccer school of Liverpool FC costs about 9,000 to 13,000 yen, so it is quite expensive. It seems that they claim to offer personal training, so if it is private instruction, it is not so much…. Although he is an active J-League player, with Sanko’s name recognition, it is doubtful how many children would be willing to pay that much per month to learn from him.

Many athletes choose to pursue a second career as a coach or instructor after retiring from active duty. Sanko’s new challenge may also be a way for him to look ahead after his retirement. However, some are wondering if he could make more money by working with Kinoshita on YouTube.

Sanko has often appeared on her YouTube channel, including in date videos with Kinoshita. She sometimes helps out with filming and events. Currently, Kinoshita’s channel has 100,000 subscribers, and most of her videos seem to have about 10,000 to 30,000 views, but her date videos and family videos have a good number of views. Since Kinoshita used to be popular as a mamatare, it may be possible that her strategy is to steadily upload videos as a couple YouTuber or family YouTuber,” says an entertainment writer.

In 2010, Kinoshita married Toshifumi Fujimoto (52), aka Fujimon, and had two children. However, she retired from show business after the tapioca riot in 1919 and divorced Fujimoto. On the other hand, they lived in different rooms in the same townhouse, and it was said that it was a “sham divorce.

The following year, in 2008, she was suspected of having a “vertical affair” with a J-League player. In 2009, Tawaman was found to be in love with Miko, who was not the same person as the alleged J-League player, and he proudly declared his relationship with Miko in a direct interview with this magazine.

In November of the same year, when this magazine directly asked him about his return to show business after the ruling on the tapioca scandal, he replied, “I’ll do my best for my child! That’s all!” I’ll do my best for my children!” and “Choris! pose.

Despite the upheaval, she has about 500,000 followers on Instagram, which she reopened after temporarily shutting it down, published a photo book last year, and is also the producer of an underwear brand. Although it is said that it is still difficult for her to return to show business, Yucchina is living strong.

They discovered their relationship in May 2009, and since then they have been seen together here and there.
After dining at an oden restaurant, they left the restaurant around 11 p.m. They got married the following August 2010.
In June 2008, she divorced Fujimon the previous year, but moved into another apartment in the same townhouse, raising suspicions of a “sham divorce.
It seems that she and her children often sat around the dining table with Fujimon.
In October 2008, when this magazine asked her directly about her return to show business after she resumed her Instagram account, she made no comment.
In July 2009, this magazine scooped her love affair with Miko.
They went shopping together at a local supermarket.
In July 2009, she proudly declared her relationship with him when this magazine directly asked her about it.
When asked if she was pregnant, she replied, “I gained a little weight. She answered, “I just gained a little weight (laugh).
In March 2010, she published a photo book as a “civilian.
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