35th anniversary of his debut! ‘The Tramp Man’ Reveals Now Why He’s Mute?” Why He Wears a Mask” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

35th anniversary of his debut! ‘The Tramp Man’ Reveals Now Why He’s Mute?” Why He Wears a Mask”

Special "Written Interview

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He said that he has mastered more than 1,000 kinds of magic. On the other hand, he also revealed that it is difficult for him to remember the process. Even so, after the interview, he performed a card magic trick on this magazine’s reporter. His ability is still at the top level.

Thank you very much for your time today. Just for today, I’ll tell you anything you want to know without any tricks or secrets.

The card man (age undisclosed) ran his pen smoothly and showed the reporter a canvas board on which was written the following words. He showed the reporter the canvas board on which he had written the following words: “I see! The World” (Fuji Television Network), which recorded the highest viewer rating of 36% in 1990. This June marks the 35th anniversary of his debut.

When we visited him for a commemorative interview, he responded in writing, holding a magic pen in his hand instead of a playing card (……).

I became interested in magic when I was a student, and I have been working as a professional magician since I entered the workforce. I got the idea to appear on the show from a junior producer at Fuji Television. He asked me if I had any material for the show, and I offered him about 100 magic tricks.

Then he turned his attention to “I see! and “Quiz Doremifadon! and “Quiz Doremifa Don!

The creator of the Tramp Man was Mr. Wang. But at first, the costumes were different and the characters were not decided. For example, he was proposed to wear a black turban covering his entire body, like a black magician. The name was also something like “Joker Man. I remember that I was not satisfied with it and said to Mr. Oh, “This is no good for a story. However, Mr. Oh was particular about the mask, so I took his wishes into consideration, and through trial and error, I came up with the current form.

Although he is usually a mute character, his pen is “talkative. His hand never stops moving, and his forehead is slightly sweaty.

“The reason for my silent performance is …… embarrassingly due to the nervousness of the recording. A magic show is recorded as a one-shot show, and countless cameras are aiming at your hand. While performing, there are moments when I am so nervous that I can’t speak. Also, Kinya Aikawa and Eriko Kusuda, the program’s MCs, had a great influence on me. They both talk machine gun, right? So naturally, I had fewer opportunities to speak, and that became my character.

The image of the Tramp Man was created together with those around him as the program continued. However, he says he was embarrassed at first.

For the first year, I felt a sense of resistance,” he says. Magicians are known for their smart appearance and light-hearted talk. It was against my aesthetics to be a mute character in white makeup. It was hard for me to tell my fellow magicians.

He has also done many grueling location shoots.

He has been on many grueling location shoots. “The show doesn’t like scheduled events, so I was repeatedly asked to do things my own way. When we went to Australia, the director suddenly said, ‘Let’s have Tramp Man bungee jump. For me, it was a surprise in my sleep. I tried, but I couldn’t jump until the end. Since then, I started putting ‘I’m not good at bungee jumping’ in my profile. Now it’s a funny story (laughs).

After the show ended in 1996, he has continued to perform as an active magician at dinner shows and magic-related events. He has been tirelessly researching and developing new material.

Even now, I try to make about 10 new stories a year,” he says. If I stopped doing that, I would be ruined as a professional. Making stories is my life’s work.

In my personal life, I am addicted to running marathons. I especially enjoy barefoot running, which I participated in a competition in May.

In May, I competed in a marathon. She has also been gaining TV exposure again, appearing on “Ariyoshi’s Wall” (NTV) and “All Star Thanksgiving” (TBS). When we finally asked him about his “retirement,” he pondered for a moment and then quietly penned away.

He said, “My goal right now is to nurture my number one student, Tramp Man X, as my successor. Until then, I intend to continue working. I am getting older, but my passion for magic has not waned.

It will be a long time before he takes off his mask and steps off the stage.

The card man answers in writing. When I told him that his handwriting was very good, he smiled shyly.
Never-before-published cut from this issue of the magazine.
Never before published in this magazine Trumpman reveals the reason for his silence and mask.
Never-before-seen cuts from the magazine Trump Man reveals the reason for his silence and mask.

From the June 9, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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