In early June, Hiromitsu Kitayama of “Kiss My” will “officially announce” when he will leave the office… The “true reason” for his departure from the office. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In early June, Hiromitsu Kitayama of “Kiss My” will “officially announce” when he will leave the office… The “true reason” for his departure from the office.

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Kitayama has long been a central member of “Kiss Mai. Since it was reported that he was leaving the group, his movements have been the focus of much attention.

Allegations of sexual misconduct by Johnny’s’s founder, Janie Kitagawa (87 years old), who passed away in 2007, have caused a stir. Amidst the turmoil, there has been no end to the number of talents who have left Johnny’s.

On May 2, Ken Miyake, 43, formerly of V6, and on May 22, Shiyoh Hirano, 26, and Yuta Jinguji, 25, of King & Prince, left the group. In addition, on the 25th, all members of Johnny’s “IMPACTors” left the group. 10 members left in May alone.

Who will be next? (Sports newspaper reporter) Who will be the next to quit? The April 27 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” reported that Kitayama had been in talks with the agency since last fall and had reached an agreement to leave Johnny’s. According to the magazine, Kitayama will be leaving the group after that. According to the magazine, all that remained was to decide when he would leave the agency. A month has passed since the report, and it seems that the “X-day” is becoming firm. A source at a TV station said.

“It seems that they are making arrangements to leave in the summer of this year. Even after Kitayama-san quits, ‘Kiss Mai’ will not disband and will continue its activities.

With the Janney matter being discussed daily, one wonders when Kitayama’s departure will be announced, but the date is said to be steadily approaching.

The date is steadily approaching,” said one source, “and it is likely that some kind of announcement will be made as early as early June. Kitayama appeared in Koichi Domoto’s (44) stage play “Endless SHOCK” from May 7 to 31. She also appeared in “The Scales of Justice season 2” (NHK), a drama starring Kazuya Kamenashi (37), which is scheduled to end on June 3. He may make an announcement to his fans when he has finished his work.

It has been 20 years since the start of “Kiss Mai” activities in 2004. As the oldest member of the group, he enjoys the trust of younger members.

Kiss Mai” debuted in 2011. In 2009, they celebrated their 10th anniversary and released their best album. Since their debut, no one has left the group and there have been no notable scandals, making them a stable and popular group among Johnny’s. Kitayama, in particular, is a member of Fujigaya. Kitayama, along with Fujigaya Taisuke (35) and Tamamori Yuta (33), was the driving force behind the group’s popularity. Why did he decide to leave the office? A person involved in the entertainment industry speculates that “changes within the group” may be the main reason.

The “Kiss My” group has no leader, and Kitayama and Fujigaya have been leading the group. Whenever the group as a whole made decisions, their opinions were often considered important due to their age and history with the office. However, for the past few years, it seems that the opinions of Mr. Fujigaya and Mr. Tamamori have taken precedence, perhaps due to the policy of the office. It is said that Kitayama-san was becoming increasingly dissatisfied as his opinions were not being heard.”

Kitayama’s departure is likely to have no small impact on the group.

Kitayama-san was one of the best singers and dancers in “Kismai”. He was often the main vocalist of the group, so it would be quite a blow to lose him. Kitayama-san is also very attentive to the opinions of younger members such as Kennaga Senga (32) and Takatsugu Nikaido (32) when making group decisions. He was also relied upon by the other members for his leadership skills. He was like a lubricant for the group, and his disappearance may affect the motivation of the other six members.

Since their debut, Kiss Mai has been running with the goal of becoming “the champions of this era. The group is about to reach a major turning point.

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