‘Eliminate his disadvantage’ … ‘Unusual notice’ issued by the LDP to officials to ‘put out the fire of the Ennosuke fiasco’ | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘Eliminate his disadvantage’ … ‘Unusual notice’ issued by the LDP to officials to ‘put out the fire of the Ennosuke fiasco’

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The tragedy that befell the Ennosuke family shook not only the Kabuki world but also all of Japan. An investigation is still underway to get to the bottom of the matter.

More than a week has passed since the greatest tragedy in history struck the Kabuki world. However, the truth of the incident is still in the dark.

On May 18, Ennosuke Ichikawa, 47, was found collapsed by his manager at his home in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, while his father, kabuki actor Danshiro Ichikawa, 76, and mother, Nobuko Kinoshino, 75, were lying on their backs in the living room on the second floor. Nobuko was confirmed dead on the spot, and Danshiro passed away at the hospital where he was taken. A desk clerk at a national newspaper talked about the latest investigation.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been interviewing Ennosuke every day,” said the desk clerk of a national newspaper. Mr. Ennosuke said, ‘We held a family meeting and decided to die and start over again. My parents took a lot of sleeping pills. He said that he took a lot of sleeping pills and hung himself to die, but he could not die. Since there were no significant injuries on the bodies of the parents, it is highly possible that the family tried to commit suicide.

While all of Japan was paying attention to the investigation, a new development has emerged. The LDP is reportedly working to put out the fire. An official of the LDP’s Tokyo Branch Association opened up with a serious comment.

The LDP has an organization called the “Kabuki Promotion Diet Members League,” made up of volunteer Diet members. Its chairman is Hirofumi Nakasone, 77, a leading figure in the LDP whose father was Yasuhiro Nakasone, who served as prime minister. The organization was established in 2002 with the aim of providing budgetary and other support for kabuki, Japan’s proud traditional culture, to attract tourists and revitalize local communities in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. In addition to LDP members, Shochiku Chairman Junichi Sakomoto (70) and guest of honor Nakamura Shikan VIII (57) attended the inaugural meeting held in February of that year.

The council regularly holds meetings with Kabuki actors in addition to Kabuki viewing at least once a year. Many LDP members are Kabuki fans. Backing them up is a natural stance, and the kabuki world benefits from it to the fullest extent, so we will spare no effort to cooperate with the LDP.

The LDP and the kabuki world have a strong cooperative relationship, centered on the Kabuki Promotion Diet Members Caucus. In response to the recent uproar, an “unprecedented statement” was issued. A former LDP official continued, “The LDP has a strong cooperative relationship with the Kabuki world.

The Kabuki Promotion Diet Members Caucus has always wanted to protect kabuki. When the incident came to light, the Diet members instantly sent a message to all parties concerned to ‘protect Ennosuke at all costs’ and ‘eliminate any disadvantage to Ennosuke.

However, I feel nothing but discomfort with this kind of fire-fighting activity. Even though there were various circumstances, people actually died. In such a situation, no matter how much it is for the sake of the Kabuki world, I honestly think it is not right to go so far as to cover up for them. Rather, I think they should take the initiative in gathering information and cooperating with investigations. If the role of the Parliamentarians for the Promotion of Kabuki is to put an end to the question for the sake of the promotion of traditional culture, that is not the case.”

No one should neglect human life for the sake of tradition.

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