Ori-Raji” Atsuhiko Nakata dissed Hitoshi Matsumoto by name. Matsumoto himself, Fujimori, and Seiya immediately responded with a “strategy win”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ori-Raji” Atsuhiko Nakata dissed Hitoshi Matsumoto by name. Matsumoto himself, Fujimori, and Seiya immediately responded with a “strategy win”.

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Oriental Radio’s Atsuhiko Nakata directly disses Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto, the “big name” in the comedy world.

The comedy world is in an uproar. Atsuhiko Nakata of “Oriental Radio” openly criticized Hitoshi Matsumoto of “Downtown” fame.

It all started with a video titled “Suggestion to Hitoshi Matsumoto” that was released on the YouTube channel “Nakata Atsuhiko’s You Tube University” on May 29. In the video, Matsumoto expressed his thoughts on the comedy contest “THE SECOND” (Fuji Television), which aired on May 20 with Matsumoto as the ambassador, but he only mentioned a few of the competing duo, mostly criticizing Matsumoto.

He cited “M-1 Grand Prix,” for which Matsumoto has served as a judge every year, as an example,

M-1 is a competition where a lot of light shines on the judges,” Matsumoto said. What the judges say is very important. Especially Matsumoto-san. If Matsumoto-san says, ‘Well, I think it should have gotten more points,’ even if it is low in the rankings, the focus is on it. That is the overwhelming characteristic of M-1.

Matsumoto pointed out. In addition to M-1, Matsumoto also plays an important role as a judge on “King of Conte,” “IPPON Grand Prix,” a comedy competition, and “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Sliding Talk,” a comic storytelling competition, but Nakata said

Nakata said, “I have a lot of work judging young people. Some say it is because he is a leading figure and charismatic, but Takeshi (Beat) and Sanma (Akashiya) do not judge so much. Mr. Matsumoto is the face of every competition. The judges are a power, and it is concentrated. This is an outrageous situation.

He spoke out loud about the abnormality of the situation. Nakata is soft-spoken, but his comments to Matsumoto are all provocative.

The reason why I am saying this is because I am not from Matsumoto’s school. To be honest, there hasn’t been a single moment when I’ve been able to sell because of Matsumoto-san. In fact, I’m being dissed by him.

I’m a little too much in the Matsumoto vein, and I’m a little full of it.”

Nakata has long been a Matsumoto-centered person.

Nakata has long questioned the comedy world revolving around Matsumoto, and this time he was quite specific. How did those involved in the field of comedy take it?

He said, “What you are saying sounds like a good argument, but ……. After all, there are many comedians who show their dislike for Mr. Nakata, who has shifted to a You Tuber, saying, ‘I don’t want to be told what to say. Also, the fact that he is one-sidedly expressing his opinions in his videos is also antagonistic” (variety show broadcaster).

Another person involved in the comedy industry also commented

“Among comedians, there are many who place the recognition of Mr. Matsumoto above the award race. From Mr. Nakata’s point of view, it seems that the award race is controlled by Mr. Matsumoto, but in the first place, it is an award race that has to be run by Mr. Matsumoto.

But in the first place, the award race is run by and for Mr. Matsumoto,” he says. On the other hand

Mr. Nakata’s opinion is absolutely right. Yoshimoto is the absolute king of the comedy world. We can’t go against Matsumoto-san, who is at the top of the heap.

Some people say, “Mr. Nakata is the absolute king of Yoshimoto in the comedy world. In the video, he says

What do you think of this, Mr. Rough?

In response, his partner, Seiya, tweeted, “I don’t think he’s a straight shooter,

Seiya’s partner, Seiya, responded on Twitter, “Don’t use your partner’s name if you’re a poop who doesn’t play straight.

Nakata”. Nakata’s partner Shingo Fujimori, who is most feared to be involved in the incident, also updated his You Tube channel,

“I can only say that you’ve done it,” he responded.

He continued, “I’m so glad you did it. He continued,

I don’t think there is a comedian in the world of comedy today who would give such an opinion to Mr. Matsumoto. But he is a hero who says, “I’m going to do it. I don’t deny that.

He analyzed his partner.

What surprised the public the most, however, was Matsumoto’s immediate reaction. In the video, Nakata says to Matsumoto

Nakata said to Matsumoto, “If we were in a casual situation, I’d want to talk with you. But I don’t think so.

Nakata did not mention Nakata’s name in the video, but he did respond, “I’d love to talk with you if we were in a circle,

I’m waiting to hear from you! I’m waiting to hear from you!

Matsumoto caused a stir in the comedy world when he called out on his Twitter account, “Fujimori-san, you’ve already talked to Nakata-san,” while Nakata did not mention him by name.

Fujimori-san has already given up on Nakata-san. I heard that he has explained to those around him that they are a duo, but they are different personalities. …… (laughs)

(Laughs.) More importantly, Matsumoto’s reaction was significant. He was able to pull a “big name” into his arena. Well, if you think about it as a YouTube star, it was a great success even if it became a big topic of conversation. Nakata’s strategy won out.

Will Matsumoto and Nakata’s “private” meeting ever take place?

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