TBS’s promising new talent! Maion Sasaki, Japan’s cutest “twin-tailed” chief for a day! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

TBS’s promising new talent! Maion Sasaki, Japan’s cutest “twin-tailed” chief for a day!

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Announcer Sasaki flashes a bubbly smile for the camera

On May 13, a traffic safety event was held at the Akasaka Police Station, where TBS announcer Maion Sasaki (25) served as police chief for a day.

Sasaki, who hosted the event last year, said she wanted to be police chief for a day this year. Unfortunately, the event was held indoors due to rain, but after the event, she waved to those who could not enter and saluted them.

2/6] Too Cute Salute

Sasaki is a graduate of Sophia University and joined TBS in 2009. She joined TBS in 2009 and is currently in charge of “THE TIME'” and “Hiruobi.

Sasaki has been in charge of the morning information program “THE TIME'” since her first year at TBS.

Rina Shinohara (26), two years her senior, is a relay reporter on the same program, but Sasaki is in charge of the studio, where she can better study the flow of program production. The station must have a strong desire to nurture Sasaki in the news genre,” said Daijiro Maruyama, a female TV analyst critic.

Sasaki is carrying the station’s expectations. What direction is she aiming for in the future?

Sasaki has a gorgeous face, but she has a calm atmosphere, and I think she is suited to news reporting. However, she also has a background as a Miss Can and a reader model, and is also suited to variety shows. Looking at the programs she is currently in charge of, the perfect example would be Ai Eto (37). I hope she can become an ace announcer who can do everything, mainly in information and news programs but also in variety shows.

TBS is looking forward to seeing what Maion Sasaki can do. We will continue to keep an eye on Maion Sasaki’s career.

[3/6] Anna Sasaki, who ran for chief of police for a day.
[4/6] The first look of her twin-tail hair.
5/6] The elegant and beautiful way she sits.
6/6] Her beautiful legs stand out even when she wears simple pumps.

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