Former Kinpuri Member Genki Iwahashi Decided to Go Overseas with Shiyoh Hirano and Others | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Kinpuri Member Genki Iwahashi Decided to Go Overseas with Shiyoh Hirano and Others

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Tour scheduled to start in September with 6 shows in 4 cities

Iwachi’s tattoos are increasing! He’s too hot!

He has tattoos? I love the gap between you and me.

Why did you get a tattoo? Are you on drugs or something?

Please let’s hope it’s just a sticker.

Former “King & Prince” member Iwahashi Genki (26), who is now working as a solo artist, showed his tattoo in the campaign visual for adidas’ T-shirt collection, which caused controversy among fans.

The tattooed figure is wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and is standing in the middle of the street or relaxing on a sofa. The tattoos have been seen on Instagram before, but this is the first time they have been so openly displayed.

The opinion was split down the middle between fans who said, “Iwahashi has a baby face and is a neutral prince-like character, so the gap between him and the tattoos is irresistible, and fans who said that a more junior-like image doesn’t suit him. Some fans have even started to think that the black rose in his tattoo means ‘dependent love and resentment’ and that it is a message of love for the members of Kimpuri and resentment toward Johnny’s.” (A reporter for a women’s magazine)

With the departure of Shiyou Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi from Kimpuri on the 22nd, Iwahashi, who had left the group in ’21, has been in the spotlight. Immediately after leaving the group, Iwahashi often uploaded on his Instagram how he was traveling back and forth to the U.S., and it was believed that he would be active overseas in the future. Then, in March of this year, he announced that he had signed a contract with the U.S. agent “Three Six Zero,” to which Will Smith also belongs. It is said that Hirano and the other three members decided to leave Kimpuri because their dream of going overseas had been fulfilled. It is believed that they may be working together with Iwahashi, who has been in contact with them since he left Johnny’s. “Last year, Hirano and the other three members signed a contract with Three Six Zero, a U.S.-based agent.

Immediately after Hirano and the other three members announced their withdrawal last year, a “mastermind theory” was put forward by some fans that Iwahashi may have encouraged the three members to leave the group by bridging the gap between himself and a US producer who supported him. In December of last year, Iwahashi revealed that he had become mentally ill as a result of the bashing.

Hirano has announced that he will take a break for a while after leaving the group, but there have been theories that he will join HYBE, the Korean entertainment agency to which BTS belongs, or join up with Hideaki Takizawa’s TOBE. Will he and Iwahashi join forces? One entertainment reporter predicted as follows.

There is a rumor that Iwahashi is trying to “change his character” to a wild one that will be popular overseas by revealing his tattoos and uploading pictures of him driving a sports car on his Instagram. However, although he announced his affiliation with a U.S. agent in March, he has not yet been involved in any specific overseas activities.

Besides, he recently quit Johnny’s, and he has a lot of fans. Last year, he had a successful seven-city solo live tour with 10,000 people in attendance, and was featured in a commercial for Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, which is said to have sold 100 million yen. He has been successful as a solo artist in Japan alone. I wonder how serious he is about expanding overseas, as he wants to work at his own pace. Of course, he could support Hirano and his team.”

It may not be the picture that fans envision: former Kimpuri members going overseas hand in hand.

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