Some say it’s hard work from morning to night… but the TV stations still play Ennosuke Ichikawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Some say it’s hard work from morning to night… but the TV stations still play Ennosuke Ichikawa.

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Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa is reported on TV every day, including on wide-ranging TV shows

I’m going with Ennosuke for the time being!

Such voices are said to be flying around the TV stations. Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa’s case is reported daily.

On May 18, he was found collapsed at his home in Meguro, Tokyo, along with his father, Danshiro Ichikawa, and mother. The parents were later confirmed dead, and Ennosuke was interviewed by the police after being released from the hospital. Immediately prior to the incident, allegations of harassment were reported in “Josei Seven”.

A shocking incident involving a “star of the Kabuki world” who has appeared in numerous dramas and movies.

It is not surprising that the media covered the incident extensively.

The media has been covering it intermittently since the incident occurred on the 18th. Shohei Otani was great during the WBC, but I think this one has more explosive power. The upper management is also very excited, saying, ‘Let’s keep Ennosuke on for a while.

In addition to the many mysteries surrounding the case, it is a serious subject dealing with “suicide. Since the sudden death of actor Haruma Miura in 2008, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has called on the media to adhere to its guidelines on suicide reporting.

However, the decision on this case will depend on whether it is considered a suicide or an incident. Mr. Ennosuke survived, but he is suspected of assisting in the suicide of a family member who had a heart-to-heart with the family.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Department is involved in the case, so it is a clear-cut case. In some cases, he may even be arrested. I think the media is aware of the public nature of their reporting.

However, the Internet is still full of criticism of the TV stations that are devoting time to the news about Ennosuke.

“It’s hard to watch such gloomy news in the morning,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

“I don’t feel comfortable with the repeated reporting of the details of his suicide.

“It could be a push to those who are suffering.

It may push people who are suffering.

In addition, some wide-show programs on commercial key stations have mentioned Ennosuke’s “return” at this time. Most of them are interviews with residents of the neighborhood or people coming out of the Meiji-za Theater.

It is strange to talk about his return now.

If the harassment was true, there would be victims. ……

In the first place, there is no way she can return to work.

Some people are even saying, “There’s no way he can come back to work.

Some have compared the incident to the sexual assault of Johnny’s founder, Janie Kitagawa.

Although it has not been determined that Sarunosuke committed harassment, the Internet is filled with complaints such as “biased reporting” and “Why aren’t they doing anything about it? Why don’t they do it?

While victims of Janie Kitagawa’s harassment are coming forward one after another, TV stations are reluctant to report on them. It seems that the culture of “discovery” by the Johnny’s office, which has influence in the TV industry, will not disappear. With the news about Mr. Ennosuke, the problems at Johnny’s have been completely overshadowed.

There are many unexplained circumstances surrounding the family’s attempt to commit suicide, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is carefully conducting a corroborative investigation. In some cases, it may take nearly six months to complete the investigation.

On social networking sites, suspense drama-like theories are being tossed around about the mysterious case. No matter how much criticism there is, if it is a matter of public interest, it is inevitable for the media to pursue it. It seems that the wide-open TV show is going to be hijacked by Ennosuke for some time to come.

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