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Ukrainian Army Colonel Furious: Russian Nuclear Missiles Target “France and Belgium”

Defense Armed Forces Colonel in Residence Birenky Andriy More Terrifying than "Russian Nukes" / Massacre and Looting of Russian Soldiers / Timing of the End

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Ukraine fears an attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. In fact, it was shelled in February of last year, shortly after the invasion.

We will win this war and end it before the end of the year.”

Colonel Vilenky Andriy, 56, a large man wearing a pilot’s suit with the Ukrainian flag sewn onto his left shoulder, declared emphatically.

After speaking at a lecture titled “Ukraine Today” at the Dreadnought book café in Tokyo as a defense attaché, the colonel gave an interview to this magazine.

He said, “So far, many civilians, including children, have been killed. Many civilians, including children, have been killed, tortured, raped, and prisoners of war have been killed one after another. The Geneva Conventions (international laws to improve the treatment of wounded, sick, and prisoners of war in armed conflicts) are not working at all. The G7 is trying to stop the war economically and NATO militarily, and Japan has been proactive from the beginning by being a leader in economic sanctions against Russia. I have nothing but gratitude.”

We can be security partners with Japan,” said Colonel Andry.

Kyiv and other large cities have established an “Iron Dome” air defense system and are now virtually immune to missile attacks. Our military technology and battle-tested know-how will be useful for Japan, where North Korean missiles are a threat. I would like to advise Japan.’ After Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2002, Ukraine aimed to expand its military, but gave up the idea because of criticism of its high military spending. As a result, Ukraine is now in an all-out war with Russia and is suffering from a lack of military equipment. Japan should think seriously about national defense and work with Pacific nations that share its values.

One year after the outbreak of war, China has moved on, submitting its own war settlement plan, but Colonel Andry views it coldly.

I can only assume that they are in a hurry to move because they see victory in Ukraine, and they are thinking about the balance of power after the war.”

Colonel Andry entered the Air Force Aviation School in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union, in ’83. He became an ace pilot with licenses for almost all Eastern fighter aircraft, including the Mig and Sukhoi.

That’s why I’m so familiar with Russian military strategy,” the colonel said.

My squadron had 36 Mig-25s deployed, each with two nuclear missiles. As far as I know, there were five bases in Eastern Europe with nuclear weapons in the Air Force alone. And – in the event of war with NATO, my mission was to shoot nuclear missiles at Belgium, where NATO’s headquarters are located, and France, which has the strongest military power in Europe. It was to shoot both countries scorched to the ground.

It was a terrifying mission, but one I was confident I could carry out. I had been brainwashed by the Kremlin to be willing to commit any kind of massacre. At the time, I did not care about civilian casualties. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Ukraine became independent and I could travel freely, I visited France and Belgium and was astonished: ‘I was going to destroy such a beautiful city. Now, Russian soldiers are committing massacres of civilians, torture, looting, and tyranny in Ukraine. After this war is over, they will come to their senses, and they will feel remorse for decades. ……”

Russia still possesses a large number of nuclear weapons, and President Putin has suggested using them.

The risk is not zero. But our greatest fear is an attack on the Zaporizhzhia plant. If Russia is defeated, Putin could contaminate Ukraine with radiation by attacking the plant.

President Zelensky has asked for more support from Western European countries, including a visit to British Prime Minister Snake on May 15. He is ready for a counteroffensive and continues to make bullish statements, saying that “we can make Russia’s defeat irreversible by the end of the year.” Colonel Andry said.

‘When the war is over, I want the Japanese to come to Ukraine. Kyiv and Bucha are both nice cities. Mariupol is also wonderful, although completely destroyed and battered like the surface of the moon. It has beautiful beaches and I have visited many times.”

One can only hope that such a day will come soon.

The MIG-31, the Russian military’s main fighter jet, takes off with the hypersonic Kinjal missile on board.
Colonel Andriy, a former ace of the Soviet Air Force. At an altitude of 27,500 meters, you could see the stars even in daylight. I also experienced Mach 3.3.”

From the June 2, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • Interview and text by Masayuki Kikuchi

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