Using a duplicate key…celebrated marriage! The magazine took pictures of Mizuta of the comedy duo “Wagyu” and the “goddess of MLB” in their “going out” relationship. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Using a duplicate key…celebrated marriage! The magazine took pictures of Mizuta of the comedy duo “Wagyu” and the “goddess of MLB” in their “going out” relationship.

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Wagyu” Mizuta (left) and Hagiko Yamamoto (right) announced their marriage by 17 years

Shinji Mizuta (43) of the comedy duo “Wagyu” announced his marriage to freelance announcer Hagiko Yamamoto (26) on stage at the “FC Hayashi Mizuta’s Getaway Money for Awaji Island Training Camp” talk live held in Osaka on March 24. The event was held with fellow members of the comedian futsal team “FC Hayashi,” of which Mizuta is a member. During the event, a VTR of the training camp in April was shown, and Mizuta said, “I’m going to get married this month,

Mizuta reported, “I am getting married this month!”

The audience was surprised and delighted. The audience was filled with surprise and joy. On the same day, Yamamoto appeared live on NHK BS1’s popular program “WASPO x MLB,” on which he appears regularly. He did not mention his marriage, but at the end of the program, commentator Ryota Igarashi said, “Today is a really good day, isn’t it?

At the end of the program, commentator Ryota Igarashi congratulated Yamamoto, saying, “Today is a really good day, a day full of happiness.

Yamamoto responded with a happy smile, “Thank you very much. In fact, this magazine had caught Yamamoto frequenting Mizuta’s luxury apartment.

The story goes back to about a month ago. After appearing on a TV program, Yamamoto was escorted out of the TV station by the staff. She was wearing a deep black cap and a large mask, but her beauty was obvious.

Yamamoto writes a baseball column in Weekly Playboy titled “Waiting for Yamamoto Hagiko’s 6-4-3,” which is so well known for its deep baseball knowledge and insights that even the experts are wowed by its contents. She is now in her fifth year as an anchor of “WASPO x MLB,” which provides news on Major League Baseball with a focus on Japanese players, and is also called “MLB Goddess” by MLB enthusiasts because of her abundant knowledge of both Japanese and American baseball as well as her beauty. She has a wealth of knowledge about both Japanese and U.S. baseball, and her beauty has earned her the nickname “the goddess of MLB. She will be even more useful in the future.

Yamamoto stopped his cab on the street and headed in the opposite direction from his home. His destination was the apartment where Mizuta lived. Yamamoto got out of the cab, which stopped at the porte-cochere, entered the entrance as he was accustomed to doing, and opened the automatic lock with a duplicate key.

Mizuta, on the other hand, did not pursue a career in comedy after graduating from high school, but instead obtained a cooking license at a vocational school and spent about seven years training at famous Japanese and Western restaurants. This experience was also the inspiration for the duo’s later name, “Wagyu. The moment they showed their true potential was when they won the NHK Kamigata Manzai Contest in 2002. The following year, in 2003, they made their first appearance in the finals of the “M-1 Grand Prix,” making their presence widely known and leading to a successful national tour.

Wagyu is known for their high acting ability and precisely structured comic dialogue. Their material is characterized by contrived manzai that incorporates the art of foreshadowing and is praised by those involved for their talent and effort. Wagyu’s duo gets along wonderfully, and they consider each other like family, so I am sure that his partner Kawanishi is as happy about Mizuta’s marriage as if it were his own,” said a commercial TV director.

With an age difference of 17 years, they are a comedian who pursues laughter and a perceptive sportscaster. They may seem to be in different fields, but their passion for pursuing their paths may be mutual. Yamamoto is such a devoted Yakult fan that he named his cat “Valentin,” the former Yakult starter, and the two may soon be singing “Tokyo Ondo” at Jingu Stadium.

Yamamoto’s beauty, the goddess of MLB
Yamamoto uses a duplicate key to open the auto-lock when he arrives at Mizuta’s apartment.
Yamamoto seemed more than familiar with Mizuta’s apartment.
Mizuta shopping at a convenience store near her home in June 2008.
Yamamoto is expected to be active in the future.
  • PHOTO. Yuri Adachi ("Wagyu" Mizuta) and Shu Nishihara (Hagiko Yamamoto)

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