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Influencer Hiroyuki’s suggestion causes a stir… Johnny’s’s Office fears a “breakup movement

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The president of Johnny’s, Keiko Fujishima Julie Fujishima (left), has released a video apology, but the situation is far from calming down, with Hiroyuki (right) suggesting the “dissolution” of the office. ……

On May 25, Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” the former administrator of 2channel, proposed on his Twitter account the “dissolution and compensation” of the Johnny’s office, which has caused a stir over the sex abuse issue.

It is not right that the office that profited from Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault continues to make money without taking action. Johnny’s should be dissolved and the remaining assets should be used to create a victims’ relief fund run by lawyers to compensate the reported victims. A third-party investigation would be bad because it would make the victims public knowledge, even those who don’t want their damage to be known.

On Twitter, he posted a video of “News Picks” at the same time as this comment. It was a video of a conversation between Mr. Kauan Okamoto, who had remotely claimed sexual victimization by Mr. Janie Kitagawa, and Mr. Ryutaro Nakamura, who had taken up the issue in the Weekly Bunshun 20 years ago, leading to a lawsuit and the article being accepted.

In addition to the press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Mr. Cowan was also interviewed in the Diet for a hearing by the Rikken Democratic Party of Japan, which was reported in the press. This was prompted by Hiroyuki’s advice.

The intention was to

“Since the hearing was held inside the Diet, it had to be reported on TV, and it attracted a lot of attention,” he said on Twitter.

The hearing was held in the Diet, so it had to be reported on TV and would attract public attention,” he said on Twitter. This was exactly what he was aiming for.

On the other hand, in a video on “News Picks”, Hiroyuki mentioned that on May 12, he and his fans had organized a petition drive and asked the office to confirm the facts, which “news23” (TBS) covered extensively on air,

The news program “news23” (TBS) aired the story and publicly stated, “We will face up to this issue.

The other stations followed suit and aired the story after the TV station publicly announced that it would “confront this issue. He feared that if not for this broadcast, TV stations would still have ignored the issue.

On May 14, President Julie Fujishima released a video apology, which was also a major trigger for TV stations to handle the issue. However, there were many programs that felt it was difficult to talk to him because they did not want to get into trouble with the Johnny’s office after he made a gaffe in the studio.

In “news zero” (NTV), despite the appearance of Sho Sakurai of Arashi fame, only the newscaster Arifumi commented. This caused controversy on the Internet, with some people asking whether Sakurai had run away.

(A wide-show insider) On the “Sunday LIVE! (TV Asahi) on the 21st, Noriyuki Higashiyama said

(TV Asahi), Noriyuki Higashiyama commented, “I thought that I, as the oldest, should be the first to speak out on this matter, so I asked my juniors to wait as long as possible.

He commented, “I am the oldest person in the group. However, “Did you interfere with the content of another station’s news program? This led to further flames.

In an interview with “Shukan Bunshun” published on the 25th, former “Ninja” Yasunobu Shiga said, “Julie-san knew, didn’t you?

Julie, you knew about it.

“I was sexually abused 30 to 40 times.

He confessed to the shocking story that he had been sexually abused 30 to 40 times.

Hiroyuki’s “theory of breaking up Johnny’s,” which has a lot of support from the younger generation, is likely to be supported by the public. Higashiyama suggested changing the name of the Johnny’s office, but there is also the problem of President Julie, who claims that she had no way of knowing. If he does not resign, the “breakup movement” may occur.

On May 26, Johnny’s’s announced the appointment of three outside directors and the opening of an external “psychological care consultation service. Will they be able to convince the public this time? ……

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