Even industry insiders are calling it “inadequate.”…Cold reaction to Johnny’s’s announced “measures to deal with the sexual assault problem”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even industry insiders are calling it “inadequate.”…Cold reaction to Johnny’s’s announced “measures to deal with the sexual assault problem”.

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President Julie of Johnny’s (from the official website)

On the 26th, Mr. Yasushi Hashida, 37, a former Johnny’s Jr. and victim, held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan regarding the issue of sexual assault by Mr. Kitagawa, Johnny’s. Mr. Hashida entered Johnny’s when he was in the first year of junior high school. He told how he was victimized about a year after he started his activities, when Mr. Johnny came into his bedding late at night at the hotel where he was staying for a performance. He then appealed to the audience, saying, “I’m talking to you all in front of you.

The reason I am speaking here in front of you all is because I want this problem at Johnny’s, to which I have been indebted to you, to be quickly brought to an end and a new start to be made. And it is my hope that the Japanese entertainment industry and entertainment will become a better place.”

Coincidentally, on the same day, Johnny’s announced a plan to deal with the sexual assault issue. The measures consisted of three pillars: the establishment of a mental care consultation service, the establishment of a special team of outside experts to prevent recurrence, and the appointment of an outside director. First, who is eligible for the “consultation service”?

“Those who have been affiliated with Johnny’s s… who have been deeply affected by this issue.

The first is a “consultation service,” which will be opened on May 31. A “special team of outside experts to prevent recurrence” will be formed under the leadership of former Prosecutor General Makoto Hayashi, and will include a female clinical psychologist who supports victims of sexual assault and other crimes. As for the “appointment of outside directors,” Kazuyuki Shirai, head coach of the Samurai Japan team that won the world championship in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), and Mari Fujii, a lawyer who specializes in gender equality and has extensive experience in dealing with harassment, will assume their posts as of July 1, according to the company.

A senior executive at the entertainment agency said.

Mr. Hashida, who gave the press conference, said that he “cannot trust” President Keiko Fujishima Julie (56) when she said that she “did not know” about Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults. Most public opinion probably feels that way as well. The head of the company is now making this announcement, No disciplinary action has been taken against him. Furthermore, despite the growing calls for the establishment of a third-party committee consisting of lawyers and others who deal with sexual assault, the company has not done so either. It also does not say what exactly the “outside directors” are supposed to do. Frankly speaking, I must say that this announcement is ‘inadequate.

Of course, there is a possibility that new measures will be announced in the future. However, if this is the end of the matter, it will be seen as a sign that the Johnny’s office has no ability to clean up its act.

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