Her dream is to be a “Genghis Khan food reporter! Kano Takahashi, a gem from “I Love You Today,” shows off her mature and sexy style! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Her dream is to be a “Genghis Khan food reporter! Kano Takahashi, a gem from “I Love You Today,” shows off her mature and sexy style!

She became very popular after appearing on a very popular romantic reality show! Here is the mischievous side of the 21-year-old model and TV personality who is rapidly growing as a model and TV personality.

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Kano Takahashi / from Hokkaido, age 21

Kano Takahashi, who appeared in the romantic reality show “I Love You Today” (ABEMA) (ABEMA), which has been overwhelmingly popular among her generation, makes her first appearance in Friday’s gravure section!

We take a deeper look into her true face as she shows us a lot of her mature and sexy side.

—Kano has been working in the entertainment industry since she was a child, right?

That’s right. I started working as a kids’ model when I was 4 years old in my hometown in Hokkaido. My mother wanted me to be in the entertainment business! I had a wish to be an entertainer. But I was very shy, so I really disliked the tense photo shoot time with all the adults. On the day of the shoot, I was motivated by my mother’s words, “If you work hard, I’ll give you a reward! I was motivated by my mother’s words, “If you work hard, I’ll give you a reward! When I think back on it now, I was completely hooked on things (laughs).

—Did your shy personality change over the course of your career in show business?

Gradually, I became less afraid of going out in public. I think that learning dance was also a big factor. I learned ballet, cheerleading, jazz dance, hip-hop, and various other genres for more than 10 years, and I gradually gained the courage to go on stage.

After working as an idol, she appeared on the romantic reality show “Today, I Love You. and appeared on the romantic reality show “Today, I Love You. She has gained a lot of fans through her work on the popular show, but she remains calm about it.

I was happy that so many people watched “I Like You Today” and my social networking followers increased, but I am not so sure that I am a fan of the show. I knew in my heart that it was probably not so much my fans but people who loved the show who were supporting me. I have to do my best so that people will like me as a TV personality, not just as someone who was on a popular TV show! I feel strongly about this, and I am doing my best.

A precious scene during a break in filming

—Please tell us about your current goals.

My main goal right now is to appear in a terrestrial variety show, but I also want to work as a model and in gravure. But I also want to work hard as a model and in gravure. (Laughs.) I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time! My dream for many years has been to be a reporter for a local Hokkaido TV program on local gourmet specialties! There are so many delicious foods in Hokkaido, so please visit ……. I especially like sushi, crab, and soup curry. The other thing I really enjoy is Genghis Khan. I love “Shio Jingisukan”, which is lamb meat grilled and dipped in a salty sauce! Someday, I want to be on a noon show in Hokkaido and tell people how delicious salted Genghis Khan is with my voice and facial expressions.

It was impressive to see her eating the catered curry so happily during the filming. I heard that she is “training” for the upcoming “Salted Genghis Khan Food Reporter” day.

I have never done a food report on a TV program yet, but I am training by watching videos of various people doing food reports in preparation for when I get a job someday (laughs)! It is really difficult to convey in words not only the taste, but also the smell, texture, and everything else. If I exaggerate my reactions, it sounds deliberate, and if I just list my impressions, it sounds fake. …… Even when I’m eating alone, I wonder how I can express what I’m feeling.

A scene from an outdoor photo shoot

—Is there a celebrity you admire?

I admire Nicole Fujita. I learn a lot from her modeling work and her interesting comments in variety shows, and the way she communicates on social networking sites.

—Nicole Fujita has also tried her hand at gravure, showing off her cool body, hasn’t she?

She has a beautiful and sharp style! It inspires me to work even harder in gravure. I would like to go abroad someday to do photogravure shoots. I would love to go to Singapore, Malaysia, or Phuket in Thailand! I would love to go to an Asian resort like the ones in the movies and experience the atmosphere of a tropical country. Fans, please support me a lot and take me abroad (laughs)!”

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