Sayaka Tomaru “lives together” with her younger sister, a gradol 5 years younger than her. Talking about episodes unique to sisters | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sayaka Tomaru “lives together” with her younger sister, a gradol 5 years younger than her. Talking about episodes unique to sisters

We present an interview with gravure idol Sayaka Tomaru, who is affectionately known as "Tomaru-Maru! She talks about her daily life with her younger sister, Ayari Tomaru, whom she says she is "very close with.

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Sayaka Tomaru / Born in Gunma Prefecture, age 26. She is popular for her fair-skinned, firm body.

Gravure idol and TV personality Sayaka Tomaru (26) appeared in the May 26 issue of “FRIDAY.

She said, “I was photographed in a very cool atmosphere, so I think this is a fresh photogravure that shows a side of me I have never seen before!  I especially like the black bodysuit outfit. It was something I had never worn before, and I was really excited about it.

The black outfit is her favorite. Her stylish posing shines through!

In addition to her gravure work, she has been making great strides in a variety of fields, recently appearing in a drama series as an actress, and is currently starring in the web drama “Dekiru Onna wa Ouch Onna? which is available on YouTube.

She says, ” I feel that gravure and acting jobs are completely different. The biggest difference is that you have to prepare for the work by memorizing dialogue. The preparation for gravure is to build up the body, so it’s a totally different vector. I think the common point is that the work conveys information to the viewer through facial expressions.

As she says, the gravure shot for this issue of “FRIDAY” shows the variety of expressions that she has cultivated through her acting career.

Although she is busy in her daily life, a peek into her SNS reveals a glimpse of her close relationship with her younger sister, Arari Tomaru (21), who is also a gravure idol.

She says, “My sister and I are five years apart, but we are very close!  She often stays over at my house. She often comes to stay at my house, and recently she stayed there for about three weeks. It’s like living together (laughs).

However, after being together for such a long period of time, I sometimes get frustrated and make petty complaints. For example, I would ask them to make sure to clean up the fallen hair after drying their hair! or other small things like that. I often tell them, “It’s my house, so you have to follow the house rules! I often remind them. Even so, we never get into fights. If Akarin (younger sister, Akari) were to get angry at my petty complaints, a fight would break out, but I feel that she holds it in. Even though she is my younger sister, I think she is very mature.

From Sayaka Tomaru’s Instagram (@tmrsyk)

In April, she took the Heat Wave Master certification test. She has been appearing on TV and in magazines featuring saunas.

I still love sauna as always,” she says. I am very happy that my love of sauna leads to my work.

Besides sauna, I’m into cycling around the neighborhood. I bought a bicycle at the end of last year. It’s not for exercise or physical training, but simply for a change of pace, and I enjoy it. For example, when I go to the supermarket, I don’t go to the nearest store from my house, but to a store a little farther away by bicycle. For work, if my house is close to a shooting location, I will also go there by bicycle. I feel light and comfortable just pedaling my bicycle, so that’s what I’m looking forward to these days.

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