Shopping at a department store, getting drunk on Shaoxing wine… Ryoko Hirosue’s “full of aura” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shopping at a department store, getting drunk on Shaoxing wine… Ryoko Hirosue’s “full of aura” photos

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Hirosue leaves the department store with a paper bag containing the food she purchased in both hands. Photo taken in June this year.

In June 2008, Ryoko Hirosue (41) was shopping in the basement grocery section of a department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, where celebrities are often seen due to its proximity to theaters. Dressed in a light blue shirt and white pants, she looked so young that it was hard to believe she was in her 40s.

As soon as she picked up her basket, she started putting greens, bacon, and frozen foods into it at super speed. In the specialty store section, he bought chicken rice ingredient packs and fried chicken. After another short run, he hurried to the wine corner, and then headed for the parking lot.

Twenty-six years have passed since she made her debut in a commercial for “Classial” in 1995. Although Hirosue is now a mother of three, her overwhelming presence and aura has not changed since her days as an idol. Let’s take a look at her youthful charm in these treasured photos.

Getting drunk on Shaoxing wine with her mom’s friends

Toasting with her mom’s friends over Shaoxing wine! Taken in February 2006.

A little after 10 p.m. on a February night in 2006, a woman wearing a bright yellow skirt walked into a typical Chinese restaurant in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. It was Hirosue. At the time, Hirosue was appearing in the stage production of “Shanhai Moon. I don’t think that’s why she chose Chinese food, but she was drinking Shaoxing wine with what looked like her friends in the restaurant, which had no private rooms and was filled with locals.

“Many of the customers noticed Hirosue, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. They were drinking and talking. Maybe they were mothers’ friends, but they mainly talked about their children.

Hirosue has a busy life with childcare and work. She is busy raising her children and working. Drinking and talking with her casual friends may be her way of relieving stress.

“She was wearing a dress.

A picture taken at an event. When she took the stage, she lifted the hem of her dress with her hand, revealing her beautiful legs. Taken in June this year.

When Hirosue appeared on stage in a long white dress, the media at the event couldn’t help but lean forward.

In June this year, Hirosue attended the ambassador inauguration ceremony and new commercial launch of the supplement FUJIMI in Tokyo.

“The dress she wore was made of see-through material, exposing her beautiful décolleté and shoulders. At the event, she surprised the audience by saying, ‘I’ve never used a beauty supplement in my life, so this is my first experience.

In the commercial, only the upper part of Hirosue’s bare chest is shown, and a jewel-like supplement floats around it. At the press conference, she talked about the commercial.

“If you watch it, you’ll see that there’s nothing in the costume. It doesn’t show in the video at all, but I wore it and filmed it properly. Hahaha.”

With Gacky, Eita and other gorgeous co-stars

Talking with co-stars and staff on the location bus in February 2005.

February 2005. One after another, actors boarded a bus that stopped on a main street in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Eita, Ken’ichi Endo, Yui Aragaki, and Hirosue, a gorgeous lineup. Apparently, they were filming for the comedy movie “Mix” released in the fall of the same year. It seemed that they were filming on a bus for the comedy movie “Mix.

“The film starred Gacky and Eita, but it was Hirosue who was in charge of the scene. She would smile at the staff and co-star actors, and make funny faces to make them feel at ease,” said a staff member at the time.

Not only is Hirosue loved by her fans, but she is also very popular with the staff. The images caught by this magazine will convince you.

In September 2004, we found Hirosue wearing a cassock in front of a buckwheat noodle shop in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Buying wine and snacks at a liquor store, taken in January 2004.
In September 2005, Hirosue got into a cab and panicked, saying, “I can’t find my wallet,” but her smile was cute.
In November 2004, she visited a beauty clinic in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
At the launch of the movie “Eien no 0 (Zero)” in November 2002.
At a department store. After buying meat and fruits, she also bought a cake, probably as a gift for her three children.
Dressed in black, she appears at a Chinese restaurant in February 2006.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takao Kawakami, Takero Yatsuka, Sota Shima

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