Korean volleyball player’s alleged domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korean volleyball player’s alleged domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend

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Chong (right) decides to attack, and his powerful attack from his nearly 2-meter height is very attractive (Image: Kyodo News)

First of all, you should feel sorry for yourself. You should be sorry for destroying my cell phone, committing violence, and setting up a hidden camera in my room to secretly film me. I’m so appalled, I can’t even say anything.

On September 1, a woman took to her Instagram to express her dissatisfaction with her ex-boyfriend. The title is “Volleyball player accused of dating DV. The person who bore the brunt of her anger was the famous South Korean men’s volleyball player, Jeon Ji-seok (27).

“He joined the Korean Air Jumbos in 2001 and made his professional debut, leading the team to victory in the 20-21 season, and was named MVP in both the championship and regular seasons. She has also represented her country in the Asian Games and the Volleyball Nations League,” said a reporter from a Korean newspaper.

The Korean volleyball world is in an uproar after a star player was accused of domestic violence. He was repeatedly assaulted and illegally photographed …….

Hidden cameras installed in the room.

The woman, A, who says she was his ex-girlfriend, seems to be unable to contain her anger. In an Instagram post, she wrote

He grabbed me in front of my friends while we were on a date, threw me around, and cursed at me. She has no conscience and is not a good person. I think he has no conscience.

He had secretly installed a camera in the room where they lived together. When I questioned her, she refused to admit to the crime, saying, ‘It wasn’t for sexual reasons.

If he would have admitted the truth and been punished, I would have kept my mouth shut. …… I’m so frustrated I can’t sleep. It’s not important for him to pay the fine, but it’s important for the world to know what an awful person he is.

In addition to these statements, Ms. A also showed images of her destroyed cell phone and a hidden camera installed in her house. In the past, Jeon tried to kill himself when he tried to break up with her, so he hesitated to do so.

In response to A’s announcement, Korean Air Jambos, the team to which Chung belongs, issued a statement on September 2, saying, “Due to this incident, the player has been excluded from all training. The team will respond to the investigation by the relevant authorities in a sincere manner and will take strict and transparent measures based on the results of the investigation.

The South Korean star player is now facing allegations of severe domestic violence. Chung is currently being questioned by the police.

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