SixTONES” fans react to a series of “Ennosuke Ichikawa” reports…Surprising relationship between Kabuki and Johnny’s | FRIDAY DIGITAL

SixTONES” fans react to a series of “Ennosuke Ichikawa” reports…Surprising relationship between Kabuki and Johnny’s

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Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was confirmed dead by his parents. Depending on how the investigation goes, ……

On May 18, the public was shocked to learn that kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa and his parents had collapsed at their home in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, and were rushed to the hospital. Fans of Johnny’s idol group SixTONES are also reportedly upset by the news.

The reason for this is that Jesse and Ennosuke, who are members of the group, have become close friends after co-starring in a TV drama and hang out together in private. On the same day, the word “Jesse’s okay” became a trending topic on Twitter due to posts by concerned fans, causing controversy.

According to reports in sports newspapers and other media, Ennosuke’s manager visited his home on the morning of the 18th and found the three men collapsed. Ennosuke was rushed to the hospital in a dazed state, but his mother was found dead at home and his father, Danshiro Ichikawa, who was unconscious and in critical condition, was found dead at the hospital where they were taken.

On the day the shocking news came in, there was an uproar on social networking sites as to what had happened. Some Johnny’s fans asked, “I wonder if Jesse is okay…he was good friends with Mr. Ennosuke, so I’m really worried about him. I wonder if Jesse will be okay. I’m too worried about both of them. Perhaps because of the large number of tweets, “Jesse will be okay” immediately became a trending topic on Twitter.

In response to these voices, some people tweeted, “You don’t have to tweet things that make me worry about Jesse. Fans on Twitter who said “I’m worried about Jesse” should read the atmosphere. Nevertheless, fans who know the relationship between the two are understandably concerned.

Ennosuke and Jesse co-starred in the TV drama “First Things First Par” (TV Asahi) in the October season last year. They met at a comedy training school and played the roles of aspiring professional comedians. Since then, the two have become very comfortable with each other and have begun to see each other outside of the drama shooting. According to member Tanaka Trees on the radio program “SixTONES’ All Night Nippon Saturday Special” (Nippon Broadcasting System, broadcast on January 7 this year), Ennosuke has become so close to Jesse that he even shows up at the studio where SixTONES is filming for an idol magazine, regardless of his own work. I heard that.

The exchange has continued recently, and in an interview in the June 2011 issue of “POTATO” magazine (One Publishing), Jessie said, “Mr. (Ichikawa) Ennosuke, my cousin, and I went to karaoke together. The second half was super fun, playing around with songs we didn’t know at random, arranging them in our own way and singing along. Everyone was like, ‘That sounds like it,’ even though they didn’t know the right answer. I was like, “That sounds like it! But Mr. Ennosuke’s singing was almost like storytelling. We had a lot of fun doing that for a couple of hours.

Jesse must be feeling a little anxious. After the Sarunosuke incident was reported, there was a change in Jesse’s blog “JESSE’s Zdon!

Jesse wrote only at 10 p.m. on the 18th, “Now we wait.” Normally, the blog is written with photos and lots of emojis to convey his cheerful personality, but ……. The next day was also quite simple, with only one sentence, ‘Let’s take a deep breath’, and the last few days have been quite simple. I think she could take a break from blogging for a while, but she may be thinking of sending out some positive words for her worried fans.

Now that the whole story is gradually coming out, we can only hope that the outcome of the case will be as bright as possible.

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