The movie in which he starred became a blockbuster hit, grossing over 3 billion yen…. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The movie in which he starred became a blockbuster hit, grossing over 3 billion yen….

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Suzuki (right) chatting with the crew. You can feel the relaxed atmosphere on the set.

The movie “TOKYO MER the Movie: Running Emergency Room,” starring actor Ryohei Suzuki (40), opened in theaters on April 28 and topped this year’s live-action film releases with an audience of 2.63 million and box-office revenue of 3.48 billion yen over the 24-day period ending May 21.

This film is the film version of the TV drama “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room,” which was broadcast on TBS in 2009 and depicts the activities of a team of paramedics who rush to the scene of an accident or disaster in an ER car, a large vehicle equipped with an operating room.

This time, a team led by the main character Kitami, played by Suzuki, is dispatched to a large-scale explosion at the Landmark Tower in Yokohama. The team is on a mission of “zero fatalities”.

Speaking of Suzuki, he starred as Takamori Saigo in the NHK historical drama “Saigo-don” in 2006. While there are many actors who have starred in the Taiga Drama and have continued to make the Taiga their masterpiece, Mr. Suzuki has challenged himself to “update” himself as an actor in every film he has starred in.

So, at this point, “MER” can definitely be called his masterpiece, partly because the movie was a big hit. It is likely that a sequel to the drama will be aired in the future.

Suzuki, who made his acting debut in 2006 with the drama “Regatta ~Kimini to ita Eien~,” finally came into the limelight with his role as the husband of the heroine Yuriko Yoshitaka (34) in the NHK TV series “Hanako to Anne” in the first half of 2002.

Although he had to spend about eight years in the background, he was able to take on “difficult roles” during that time, and he laid the foundation for his career as an actor.

In “Kagami the Secretary” (2008, TV Tokyo), he played the role of Megumi An’s boss. Since the role was not just that of a boss, but one in which he was captivated sexually to get information from the other woman, there were not many people who would accept the role, but Mr. Suzuki, who did not have much work at the time, gladly accepted the offer.

He was chosen as a swimsuit campaign boy in 2006, and his physical beauty was as good as it could be at that time. Once a week in the morning at a love hotel in Maruyamacho, Shibuya, they filmed a scene involving a man and went home refreshed. He was well-known among the staff for his good looks, so I am very glad that he was successful.

Then there is the “HK Transformation Mask” series of movies released in ’13 and ’16, which are live-action adaptations of popular comic books. The visual of the character after his transformation had a strong impact, with his panties over his face, covering only his crotch, and nearly naked upper body.

Oguri wanted to use Shun Oguri for the role, but when the commercial sponsor gave him the nod, Oguri entrusted the role to his close friend Suzuki. In order to play the role of the super-muscular perverted mask, Suzuki had to gain 15 kilograms of body weight at one point and then undergo a physical transformation by trimming off the fat to recreate the original character. No one could have done it better than Suzuki.

In “Ore Monogatari!”, a live-action adaptation of a popular comic book in which he played the role of a high school student who is far from being a human being, which was released in 2003, he played the role of a high school student who is far from being a human being. a live-action adaptation of a popular comic book in which she played an out-of-this-world high school student, was released in 2003.

Usually Suzuki weighs 75 kilograms, but even though he had lost 20 kilograms for the role in the TBS drama “The Emperor’s Chef,” he gained 30 kilograms for the filming of “Ore Monogatari! She even changed her body shape depending on the role. He earned the title of “chameleon actor” by changing his body shape depending on the role, and this role would not have been possible in a live-action version except for Suzuki.

After his breakthrough, he continued to act in “Saigodon,” the drama “Inspector Zenigata” (’17, NTV/WOWOW), “Ship of Theseus” (’20, TBS), “Elpis: Hope or Disaster” (’22, TBS), and “The Last Airbender” (’23, TBS). -(Fuji TV, 2010), and the films “The Blood of the Lone Wolf Level 2” (’21), “The Burning Sword” (’21), and “Egoist” (’23). (2011) and “Egoist” (2011).

His next film, which has been announced at this stage, is the role of Akira Saeba in the hit comic “City Hunter,” the first live-action film to be made in Japan, which will be distributed on Netflix in 2012.

As this is a work that has many fans, it is expected that the evaluation criteria will be strict, but Suzuki, who has enthusiastically played many roles in the past, is sure to live up to the expectations. He will probably “renew” his representative work once again.

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