SMAP’s “accident” and “fans’ upset” were unearthed by Johnny’s’s sexual assault. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

SMAP’s “accident” and “fans’ upset” were unearthed by Johnny’s’s sexual assault.

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SMAP has been “caught in the crossfire” of Janie Kitagawa’s sex-abuse scandal. ……

The sexual assault scandal involving Janie Kitagawa (87 years old) still seems to have not abated.

On May 16, former Johnny’s Jr. singer Cowan Okamoto and dancer/actor Yasushi Hashida attended a hearing held by the Democratic Party of Japan’s Constitutional Democratic Party in the Diet. There, they spoke candidly about sexual assault by Mr. Janney.

Mr. Cowan entered the company as a junior in the third year of junior high school.

“One month later, I was sexually assaulted by Mr. Janney at his home,” he recalled.

From ’12 to ’16, when he left the group, he was sexually assaulted 15 to 20 times at Mr. Kitagawa’s home, hotels where he stayed, and other places.

Mr. Hashida also stated

Mr. Hashida also testified that he was sexually abused by Mr. Kitagawa when he was around 13 years old.

I was sexually assaulted twice,” Hashida said.

The sexual assault of boys by Mr. Janney has been voiced one after another. The victims were multiple, and the crime is very serious.

Other bureaucrats from the Ministry of Justice, the National Police Agency, and the Administration for Children and Families also attended the hearing. The Rikken side has requested that President Keiko Fujishima attend the hearing as well. The riot is still in the “vortex,” and even though President Julie released an apology video, there is still no sign of a calming down of the situation.

The allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Janney have not yet bottomed out. In the midst of all this, a video that has been spreading on Twitter and other social networking sites is causing a “ripple”.

It is a video of the final episode (December 26, 2004) of “SMAP x SMAP,” SMAP’s flagship program.

At the time, Shingo Katori, who was an elementary school student, was recording his home phone calls, and audio of his interactions with all the members was played in the studio. Then, the conversation with Masahiro Nakai became problematic.

Nakai: “You and Goro are going to the training camp tomorrow, right?
Katori: “Yes.
Nakai: “You’re meeting him in Harajuku tomorrow, right?”
Katori “Tomorrow at the training camp, you are coming alone.
Nakai “Who?
Katori “Goro-chan”.
Nakai “How old are you?
Katori “I will be a 6th grader from April.
Nakai “Oh, poor Goro. What time are you coming?”
Katori “Around 8:30 in the morning”.
Nakai “Because it’s 10:00 a.m. on Fuji TV”.
Nakai “Can you come? You”.
Katori “I’m recording it”.
Nakai: “What are you recording?

This conversation has been dredged up by allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Janney, and has become controversial, even among fans, with differing interpretations.

One is that the camp was the scene of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault, as revealed in the Bunshun trial, so it is “pitiful” that he was called in as a sixth grader. The frozen faces of Nakai-san and Kimura-san during the on-air session were also impressive, and some people thought it was “too dark.

However, one would normally think that Mr. Nakai was just feeling sorry for the boy because he was told to come to the camp alone after he broke his appointment to meet up with the others. However, when Mr. Cowan and others accused them of having been victimized as boys, the Japanese fans and others reacted excessively. That is why the issue of sexual assault is so shocking, and fans’ upset over their “guesses” is only spreading.

In fact, comments on the Internet news that reported the “digging up” of this ex-SMAP furore included the following,

I thought he meant that he felt sorry for his sixth-grade child who had to come all the way from Kanagawa by train alone, but I didn’t realize it could be taken that way.

“Oh, that poor kid” included laughter, and I think he was referring to the fact that Inagaki told him to come alone, even though he was still in elementary school.

Many of them were negative about the association with sexual assault, such as “I think it was in response to Mr. Inagaki telling me to come alone even though I was still in elementary school.

SMAP, who was named as the victim, was truly “taken by accident. As the turmoil among fans spreads, we wonder if fans and the public will accept the Johnny’s office’s policy of not setting up a third-party committee “out of consideration for the victims.

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