Fans praised him as a “perfect idol”…Former V6 “Ken Miyake” showed “the ultimate fansa” on his last day at Johnny’s. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans praised him as a “perfect idol”…Former V6 “Ken Miyake” showed “the ultimate fansa” on his last day at Johnny’s.

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Miyake’s fan service on his last day at Johnny’s is getting a lot of attention

Ken Miyake, formerly of V6, left Johnny’s on May 2. Miyake, who has been called a “miraculous 43-year-old” because he retains the same visual appearance as when he was young, “followed the path of an idol until the end of his life with Johnny’s,” according to a writer for an idol magazine.

After the breakup of V6 on November 1, 2009, Miyake has worked as an actor and singer on his own. On May 1 of this year, the stage play “Minatomachi Junjo Othello – Tsuki ga Mochi de Muketa Kojohen -” in which he starred, reached its final performance, and on the following day, May 2, he updated his blog on Johnny’s web, the official members-only website of Johnny’s. He wrote, “I will always love you all. On the following day, on the day of his departure from the group, he updated his blog on Johnny’s web, the official membership site of Johnny’s, with messages such as “I will always, always love you all” (original text in Japanese).

He also reported that he was going to make a “final greeting” to the office, and “I brought sweets from my favorite Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto as a gift. I’m not going to leave a trail of birds in my wake (laughs). At 7 p.m. on the same day, the official Twitter page of 20th Century, a unit consisting of former V6 members Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, and Yoshihiko Inohara, posted a commemorative photo of the four members including Miyake. Miyake looked wild with a beard due to his appearance on stage until just before the photo was taken.

The next day, he began to look “swollen and swollen. The next day, he started to eat potato chips even late in the day because he “didn’t have to worry about swelling. On social networking sites, there were comments such as, “Ken shaved his beard for the fans and did an InLai (Instagram live) until the very last minute before he left the show. Ken is a true idol’s idol.” “He is a perfect idol who shaved his beard and did in-lives,” said a writer for an idol magazine.

Miyake is also loved by his juniors, and Snow Man’s Daisuke Sakuma and Koji Mukai, who co-starred in the play “Takizawa Kabuki 2018,” uploaded a blog on Johnny’s web “Su no Nichijo” on the evening of the 2nd. Each wrote, “Ken-kun, I will always and forever love you. Thank you so much” (Sakuma) “Ken-kun! I will always love you! Thank you for all the lessons I have learned! (Mukai) and sent out words of thanks to Miyake for his help.

When Miyake announced his departure in February, he said, “I will take some time to recharge my batteries in order to move on to the next stage. I promise that I will be able to see all of my fans again, so I hope you are looking forward to seeing me again. It is assumed that he will take a rest for the time being and return to the stage again.

A few days after his departure, there was a new development regarding Miyake.

On the evening of the 16th, we discovered that Miyake’s Twitter and Instagram accounts had changed; both had “_j” after their names to indicate their affiliation with Johnny’s, but now they are “_idol. The Twitter icon is the character “Mitsuru,” and the profile section reads, “I’m Ken Miyake, 43 years old, occupation: _idol. I am 43 years old and have no job. Since “idol” means “idol,” fans asked, “Does that mean Ken-kun will continue to be an idol? The postings were all deleted. Also, it seems that they have deleted all of their posts, so I guess they have made a fresh start.

Miyake was truly “leaving no stone unturned” and did not lack for fan service until his last day at Johnny’s. He will continue to be a great fan of Miyake’s in his future entertainment activities. There is no doubt that many people will continue to support Miyake in his future entertainment activities.

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