From a mini-skirt yukata to a “bikini style black cat costume”…Shoko Nakagawa is married! Giza” cute “true face” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From a mini-skirt yukata to a “bikini style black cat costume”…Shoko Nakagawa is married! Giza” cute “true face” photos

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She showed off her mini-skirted yukata at her CD debut event (’06, July 28).

Shoko Nakagawa (38) announced her marriage to a civilian man on April 25. Her husband is a very elite international airline pilot of the same generation as Nakagawa, and is reportedly a handsome man who looks like Yutaka Takenouchi. Nakagawa, who has always said that she might be the most unmarried person in the universe, has been in a celebratory mood in the entertainment industry and all of Japan, but the feelings of those in the Internet community seem to be mixed.

Nakagawa appeared on Egashira 2:50’s (57) YouTube channel “Ega-chan Channel,” which was broadcast on March 15. She reported that the number of subscribers to her YouTube channel “Shoko Nakagawa’s ‘wo'” had decreased by 12,000 after her marriage. Nakagawa said, “Why – why? I don’t know, but I don’t know what to do! I don’t know, but I don’t know what to do.” She was dismayed, but the staff responded in a convincing manner, “It’s the gachi koi group, isn’t it? Many fans must have felt betrayed.

She gained popularity as “Shokotan” on the “Shokotan☆Blog” started in 2004. The “Shokotan words” such as “giza,” “kawayusu,” and “ureshisu” are highly regarded for their role in popularizing terms unique to the Internet, which until then had been disregarded as underground terms.

Since then, Nakagawa has become one of the most popular entertainers with Internet culture and otaku-like interests. Since his debut, he has appeared in “FRIDAY” many times on the cover and in gravure. Each time, she has given us her best performance. We would like to take a look at her “geeky ” and cute appearance when she was single.

At her CD debut event, she transformed from a “mini-skirted yukata” to a “black cat cosplay!

It was July 2006 when Nakagawa made a bold costume change for her CD debut event. In that year, the total number of accesses to “Shokotan☆Blog” exceeded 100 million. She was called the “Queen of Blogs and finally made her CD debut. She appeared at her debut event in a mini-skirted yukata. After singing her debut song “Brilliant Dream,” she boldly took off her yukata and changed into a bikini-like black cat costume. The audience was very excited.

The following year, she produced a summer-only event at the Tokyo Dome City amusement park, which she called “Koikatsu Amusement Park,” and turned it into a date-oriented event. She herself appeared at the event in a bold Cupid costume.’ In 2011, she also dubbed the voice of Rapunzel in the Disney movie “Rapunzel on the Tower. She is also a professional-level painter. Her husband is an international airline pilot and is said to be a super-elite, but Nakagawa is also a top-notch elite in the fields of performance and art. In that sense, they may be a perfect couple.

Nakagawa appeared on “Barbie to Oshinri Kenkyujo” (TBS Radio) on the 16th. She talked about life after marriage,

Otaku are bulky, basically. They are active in guessing, so they have to pay for their guesses and so on. If you don’t get them, they may become valuable later on. And my husband is a minimalist. It’s a battle of the nerds versus the minimalists.

I’m sure the “gachi-koi” crowd would love to meet him, too. We hope that the “Gachi-Koi” crowd will support her in the future.

From miniskirt yukata to bikini style black cat cosplay at CD debut event (July 28, ’06 issue)
At an event at Tokyo Dome City (August 7, 2009 issue)
National tour in ’10 (April 23, ’10 issue)
Nakagawa entering a dressing room at a live music club (October 13, ’13 issue)
Shopping at a supermarket (January 2, 2003 issue)
Enjoying dinner in Roppongi (May 10, 2007 issue)
Shopping at a high-end department store (February 15, 2007)
Nakagawa getting into the car after a stage performance (September 18, 2008 issue)
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