Motorcycle date and a mini-skirt she showed off at the age of 36… “Matsumo to nakai” is the talk of the town! Ryoko Hirosue “Cute Images Collection” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Motorcycle date and a mini-skirt she showed off at the age of 36… “Matsumo to nakai” is the talk of the town! Ryoko Hirosue “Cute Images Collection”

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Ryoko Hirosue (42) appeared as a guest on the fourth episode of “Matsumo to Nakai” with Junichi Okada.

Ryoko Hirosue (42) appeared as a guest on “Matsumo to Nakai” broadcast on March 21.

The main feature of this program is the weekly talk show between two big-name guests, MC Hitoshi Matsumoto, and Masahiro Nakai, and the guest invited along with Hirosue was Junichi Okada (42). The two were actually classmates, born in 1980 and debuting in 1995, and reminisced about their teenage years.

They were only 16 or 17 years old at the time, and when they saw each other on M STAR and other TV shows, they would always attend their school classes no matter how busy they were with work .

Matsumoto asked Okada, “You definitely had an ulterior motive, didn’t you? When Matsumoto asked Okada, “You definitely had ulterior motives, didn’t you?” Okada insisted, “I had her contact information, but we didn’t have that kind of relationship. Okada, however, was asked further by Nakai, “There wasn’t a man who didn’t like Ryoko at that time. I was attracted to her when I saw “Maji Koi 5” (Note: Hirosue’s debut single “Maji de Koi suru 5 shinmae”)…I thought she was cute, but I didn’t see her as that kind of target.

Also around the same time, at her first dinner party with Matsumoto, Nakai, and staff, Hirosue felt she had to do something, so she went in judo wear. Matsumoto said of that time,

When we arrived late, Ryoko wore a judo suit and tied her hair with an elastic band like Judo-chan, and when we walked in, she threw a doll that looked like it was made out of cotton at us and said, ‘Yeaaah! We all fell in love when we saw that.”

Nakai added. Nakai agreed, saying, “I thought she was really cute. The three of them were so unanimous in their praise of the teenage Hirosue that she was invincible .

Okada also pointed out to Hirosue that she had written in her notebook at the time, “Only he who pursues two hares will get two hares. In fact, he wrote, “At that time, I was chasing three hares and four hares. I thought it was okay to chase everything: work, dreams, friends, and love.

True to her words, Hirosue has always lived her life, greedily pursuing both work and love.

In addition to her success as an idol and actress, she also enrolled in and dropped out of Waseda University. She married at the age of 23, gave birth, divorced, and remarried.

Today, she continues to pursue herself as an actress, wife, and mother of three children. This magazine has been following Hirosue since her debut. The graduation ceremony at a junior high school in her hometown of Kochi, her motorcycle date with Yusuke Iseya, and the miniskirt she showed off at the age of 36… Even though she is over 40, her charm does not seem to be waning; rather, it seems to be growing stronger.

In May of 2010, on the set of the movie “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. She also won the “Best Mother Award” that year.
On location for the movie “The Demon Over There” in 2010. She and Etsushi Toyokawa (61) play a mature couple.
In 18, drinking with mothers’ friends at a common Chinese restaurant.
In 2004, she chatted with a staff member while waiting for a seat to become available in front of a restaurant; her legs are so beautiful that it is hard to believe that she is 36 years old.
Shopping at Kakuyasu in 2004.
Beautiful legs at the Blue Ribbon Award ceremony in 2001.
On location for the movie “The Method of the Key Thief” in 2011.
In 2009, she was romantically involved with Dai Nagai. Her office commented that she was “one of my friends.
In 2004, she was seen going to the hospital 10 days before the birth of her first son.
In 2002, she was seen on a date with Mr. Okazawa in a park near Tokyo Tower. She and Okazawa got married in 2003 and divorced in 2008.
In 1999, a date with Yusuke Iseya in Yokohama
At a graduation ceremony at a junior high school in her hometown of Kochi, Japan, in 1996. The year before this, she made her debut in a commercial for Crearasil.
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