The only bottleneck is the “risk of independence”…but offers to appear in the film are pouring in! Why Fuka Koshiba is “highly rated” in the industry | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The only bottleneck is the “risk of independence”…but offers to appear in the film are pouring in! Why Fuka Koshiba is “highly rated” in the industry

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Koshiba’s speed-talk in “Nami yo Kikinasete” (Listen to Me, Wave) has become a topic of conversation. A TV executive at a production company praised Koshiba, saying, “Even though she has long lines, there is almost no improvisation, and she sticks to the script.

The first broadcast of the drama “Nami yo Kikimete” (TV Asahi), starring Fuka Koshiba (26), has been doing well in the nighttime drama slot, with the first episode trending at number one on Twitter.

It is based on the manga of the same name. Immediately after it was announced that Koshiba, who is a purist, would be playing the main character, a girl who has lost her innocence, fans complained that she was different from the image of the original, but once the broadcast began, there was a wave of praise for the role, saying that she was a natural for the part” (TV magazine editor).

Since her first starring role in a commercial drama series, “Yokai Share House” (TV Asahi), broadcast in 2008, Koshiba has been in demand for dramas and movies. He has been the savior of Oscar Promotion, which has seen the departure of a number of its leading actors, including Ryoko Yonekura (47), Ayame Goriki (30), and Yumi Okada (23).

Koshiba made her debut after winning the grand prix in the “Aeon x Oscar Promotion Girls Audition 2011,” which was held as an alternative to the All Japan National Bishojo Contest that was canceled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Perhaps because it was a different route from the usual one, she did not seem to be pushed that hard by the agency at first.

However, she auditioned for and won roles in her first starring role in “The Witch’s Delivery Service,” a movie released in 2002, and in the NHK morning drama “Asa ga Arrived. In the entertainment industry, where “goripusi” and “barter” are commonplace, she is one of those rare individuals who got her big break on her own.

What made her a national sensation was “Tokusatsu Gaga” broadcast on NHK in 1919. Koshiba played the lead role in the film.

She played the role of an office worker who is a special effects geek, and her otaku-type fans increased dramatically. This film is also based on a manga, but Koshiba was very studious and played the role faithfully enough to convince fans of the original work. This garnered support. Now, when they make a live-action drama based on a manga, he is one of the first candidates for casting,” said a director of a production company.

Although she is now 26 years old, she has never been involved in a scandal, and her earnestness is said to be one of the reasons she continues to receive offers.

She is serious about her work, and her talk is interesting because she is from the Kansai region, and her friendliness makes her very popular on set. People who have worked with her at least once usually say they want to work with her again. She is an honor student who is not bothered at all by her agency. Although there may be some reports of a love affair in the future due to her age, if it is a serious relationship, it will not affect her reputation as an actor.

The only bottleneck is the risk of independence from Oscar Promotion, according to a producer at a key station.

It is reported that the reason behind the departure of Goriki and Okada and the marriage and childbirth of Emi Takei (29) was because they were dissatisfied with the management policies and work style of their agency. Koshiba, who is a successful actress, seems to be overworked, so I hope she does not follow in the footsteps of her predecessors. In “Nami yo Kikimete” in which she stars, there is an Oscar talent in a role that is not in the original work, and there has been heartless criticism that it is a ″blatant barter. I’m worried that this could even damage Koshiba’s reputation.”

The savior is to be cherished. ……

From the May 26, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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