Witnessing the death of his mother before him…” “Hopelessness” discussed at the “Sad Family Meeting” of Ennosuke Ichikawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Witnessing the death of his mother before him…” “Hopelessness” discussed at the “Sad Family Meeting” of Ennosuke Ichikawa.

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Ennosuke Ichikawa has begun giving statements to the police. ……

Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was rushed to the hospital after he and his parents were found collapsed at their home in Meguro, Tokyo, on the morning of May 18. His father, Danshiro Ichikawa, and mother died.

A manager visiting the home found Ennosuke unconscious in a half-underground closet and called 119. A message addressed to actor X, an acquaintance, was written on a nearby canvas. His parents were laid out on the floor of the second-floor living room, covered with a quilt.

Sexual harassment allegations were reported about Ennosuke in “Josei Seven,” which went on sale on November 18. There was also a description of sexual minorities, and the possibility cannot be ruled out that Ennosuke was shocked by this and acted impulsively.

Ennosuke was discharged from the hospital where he was taken on the 19th. On the same day, he was interviewed by the police,

He held a family meeting. The family discussed the idea of dying and being reborn, and the parents took sleeping pills.

He testified that his parents took sleeping pills. As he said, the cause of death was “suspected psychotropic drug poisoning.

On the 15th, Mr. Ennosuke was interviewed directly by Josei Seven. The questions were delivered to Shochiku, which runs the Kabuki theater, and at that point there were rumors in the pears garden that a scandal involving Mr. Ennosuke was about to break. It is believed that Mr. Ennosuke understood that an article would appear and visited his home to explain the situation to his parents by the evening of the 17th.

When we interviewed people around his home in Meguro, we found episodes related to his parents, but nothing about Ennosuke’s life. According to a source,

“I heard that he left a long time ago and is living somewhere else.

However, it is said that the father and son were never on bad terms.

When Ennosuke’s parents visited his parents’ home, he became very upset. A “family meeting” was held there.

The details of the meeting will be revealed in the interview with Ennosuke,

It is easy to imagine that everyone was cornered and pessimistic about the end, because they came to the conclusion at the family meeting that they should all die together. It must have been a painful discussion that we cannot even imagine.

This is what we can surmise.

As a result of the autopsy, both parents’ bodies had been dead for one to two days. The mother’s rigor mortis had already begun to set in when investigators raided her home on the morning of January 18.

The mother loved Ennosuke very much, and she took good care of her husband, Danshiro, who was bedridden. She spoke clearly and clearly, and gave the impression of being a firm person. There is a strong possibility that she saw her mother pass away before him.

Ennosuke is also said to have ingested drugs, but instead of falling into a coma, he moved to a semi-basement room, where he attempted to commit suicide. In addition to the canvas mentioned above, a note was left on another piece of paper, which reads

“I want X to inherit my inheritance.

The note said, “This is a legal matter, but I want X to inherit my inheritance.

In addition to the note, there was another note on a piece of paper with the words, “I want X to inherit my estate. Of course, I don’t think Mr. Ennosuke was thinking about the legal order of inheritance under the tense situation. ……

Also, in order for a third party not related to the parents to inherit the estate, it must be written according to a format, so a note would not be valid,” said a legal expert.

(A legal official said, “In the future, Ennosuke will be suspected of assisting a suicide. If he has committed a crime, he must atone for it, but his parents are dead and his return to the Kabuki world is doomed. The result is that no one can be saved.

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