The effects of a hard role… “The substance of the pressure” as told by Kyoka Suzuki, who was dropped from the drama. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The effects of a hard role… “The substance of the pressure” as told by Kyoka Suzuki, who was dropped from the drama.

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I hope you will take a good rest before returning to work (’18 Jan.)

[Joon] I have decided to take a leave of absence due to medical treatment. I am very sorry that I will not be able to participate in the filming of “This Wonderful World. I am sorry for your concern, but I will concentrate on my treatment for a while so that I can return to work as soon as possible.

Kyoka Suzuki (54), who was scheduled to star in the July season drama series “This Wonderful World” (Fuji Television Network), announced her resignation on the 11th. On the same day, Suzuki made the following comment on her official website. Since this was her first starring drama at the station in 20 years and a much-talked-about drama in which she played two roles, many fans voiced their concern as well as their sadness.

There were reports of emergency hospitalization and surgery immediately after the announcement, but she is currently at home recovering from her illness. He complained of feeling ill on the night of the first day of shooting the drama, and as a result of a diagnosis at the hospital the next day, some sort of illness was discovered, so he may have been concentrating on his role until the first day of shooting” (sports newspaper reporter).

Suzuki is known for his character of thoroughly creating the roles he plays.’ In the movie “Okaasan no Ki” in which she starred in 2003, she played a mother whose seven children were taken by the soldiers one after another due to the war, and each time she planted a paulownia tree to wait for her son’s return. Suzuki commented on this role as follows.

I have never raised a child myself, so I heard from many people about their mothers and thought about my own mother, and I shot the film hoping to be as close to the ideal mother that everyone would want me to be.

When I read the script clearly, I started to cry even though I was still just following the words with my eyes. But I tried to be strong as a mother and disciplined myself not to become watery.

In the NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin,” which aired last year, she played the role of Tango no Tsubone, a woman who exerts strong influence in the capital against the backdrop of the favoritism of Emperor Go-Shirakawa.

When preparing for the role, the scriptwriter, Mitani Koki, asked her to gain 10 kilograms in weight. When she told him that it would be difficult due to conflicts with her other work, he asked her to make only her face look as if she had gained 10 kilograms.

Furthermore, Suzuki was constantly putting pressure on Hojo Masako, played by Eiko Koike, to perform,

As an older woman, I was under a lot of pressure to make sure that my advice was received and that I looked like I was bullying the strong Masako (laughs), so I was relieved when it was over.

I was relieved when it was over,” she commented.

In fact, last November, probably around the time “Kamakura-dono” was cranked up, this magazine spotted Suzuki, who did not seem to be in good health. When Suzuki came out of the building where the sports club was located, his steps were heavy and his expression was gloomy. His steps were so unsteady for a post-workout person, it was almost as if he was worried that he might not be feeling well. I was worried that he might not be in good physical condition after his workout.

At the time, the filming of “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” had just finished, so his schedule must not have been too difficult, but it is possible that he became exhausted when he stepped away from the role.

(A senior executive of an entertainment agency) Suzuki said in an interview when she turned 40 years old.

Actresses are like athletes in that they do a lot of physical labor.

Even so, even athletes need long periods of rest. Suzuki is currently considering her future treatment plan, but she has told those around her, “I’ll be fine. For now, I just want him to take his time and concentrate on his treatment.

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