Why Ruriko Kojima, who “left HORIPRO,” is heading to China with her husband, whose interests “coincide” with hers, and is prepared “not to return to Japan. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Ruriko Kojima, who “left HORIPRO,” is heading to China with her husband, whose interests “coincide” with hers, and is prepared “not to return to Japan.

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Ruriko Kojima has announced that she has resigned from HORIPRO upon her marriage. She will study in China from now on…

A decision that will require her to make a change in her career.

Ruriko Kojima, who is taking a break from performing to study in China, was found to have entered the family register in March with Kota Kitamura, the founder of Habitat, a sauna and other business venture. It was also revealed that she had resigned from the major entertainment agency “Hori Pro,” to which she had belonged since her debut, at the end of February.

Kojima entered the entertainment world in 2009 when she won the grand prix at the Horipro Scout Caravan. She quickly rose to prominence in television and commercials, and became a successful actress. A person involved in the entertainment industry who knew her at the time said, “What is Ms. Kojima’s greatness?

Ms. Kojima’s greatness is her quick thinking. He reads the mood of the situation and gives the exact comment that is needed. She is very useful in the TV industry and is a favorite of Akira Ikegami. Along with her close friend, Rino Sashihara of the former HKT48, she was always mentioned as one of the talents they wanted to use on their variety shows.

He is also a good friend of mine, along with Rino Sashihara, a former member of HKT48.

Her smooth-sailing entertainment career took a turn for the worse in 2006. It was in 2006 that her smooth-sailing career took a turn for the worse when her relationship with Yasuhisa Hara, the creator of the popular comic “Kingdom,” came to light.

At the time they met, Mr. Hara had a wife and child. Hara later divorced and began dating Kojima, but doubts about the timing of their relationship erupted, and Kojima was labeled a “predatory woman.

Kojima was labeled as a “looting woman.” The public’s high opinion of Kojima caused a “backfire,” and the public’s bashing of him became heated. It’s the same kind of situation as Becky’s “gay adultery. After that, everything I did was called ‘mocking’ on the Internet.

At that moment, Kojima, who was “quick-witted,” realized.

It’s already tough in Japan.

Kojima then turned her attention to China. According to a TV station official who knows Kojima

Kojima has always had a strong interest in China. She announced her intention to study in China last August and was scheduled to leave for China in February of this year. During that time, Kojima saved his work and studied Chinese intensely. She is said to have reached the point where she is able to carry out simple daily conversations.

He said, “I am very happy to be able to study Chinese in China.

In her private life, Kojima met Mr. Kitamura, and their relationship developed in the blink of an eye. She was also attracted to Mr. Kitamura because of his knowledge of Chinese culture.

Mr. Kitamura is well versed in the Chinese market, having previously served as co-founder of an Internet advertising company looking to expand into China. He also has a wide range of contacts connected to the Chinese Communist Party, which is essential for success in China. He is a reassuring partner for Mr. Kojima, who will be active in China,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Mr. Kitamura is just about to make his mark. His marriage to Kojima, who is well known, should work to his advantage. A source in the entertainment industry said, “The interests of both parties are aligned.

“Both parties’ interests are aligned. Kojima in particular has no regrets about Japan and has no intention of returning. She had originally planned to study in China while still working at Hollypro, but when her marriage to Kitamura-san was finalized, she dared to leave the country. I think she may have a strong desire to achieve success in China and “look back” at the world.

He is also a very strong desire to succeed in China and make the world look back at him,” he points out.

Going from zero to conqueror in China…ironically, this is similar to the story of his former boyfriend, Mr. Hara’s “Kingdom”.

The scale of the Chinese market is vastly different from that of Japan. The worsening relationship between Japan and China poses the risk of being discriminated against or used for propaganda purposes, but Kojima is determined to make a profit.

Kojima is “just trying to make money,” according to a source in the entertainment industry.

Kojima is “just trying to make money.

It may not be long before Kojima achieves success and declares “victory” over Japan’s anti-Japanese sentiment.

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