Alone in a room of less than 4 tatami mats… “Yoshiwara Soap Girl Stabbing Incident”-Dark daily life of a “32-year-old traffic guide” working for a security company | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Alone in a room of less than 4 tatami mats… “Yoshiwara Soap Girl Stabbing Incident”-Dark daily life of a “32-year-old traffic guide” working for a security company

The suspect, Yutaka Imai, lived in a room of less than 4 tatami mats with a rent of 30,000 yen and was "banned" by his favorite girl.

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The suspect, Yutaka Imai, was arrested. A roommate at the security company’s dormitory described the suspect as a “skinny, dark man.

In a room less than four tatami mats in size, with a cot on a dirty carpet, a TV, and work tools packed in a messy bag, the man developed a one-sided resentment toward his “unfulfilled love.

On May 13, Yutaka Imai, 32, a contract employee of a security company in Tokyo, was arrested for the murder of a 38-year-old female employee of a high-class soap store in Yoshiwara, Tokyo.

At around 11:20 a.m. on May 5, Imai, a customer, stabbed the woman in the neck and side of the head with a survival knife, then stabbed himself in the stomach, sending her to the hospital. The store was a high-class store that charges 67,500 yen for 110 minutes, and the victim woman was the store’s number one nominated customer. Imai had nominated her multiple times since around March of last year, but she had refused his nomination since January of this year, and on the day of the incident she had come to the store using a false name” (reporter from the society section of a national newspaper).

Regarding his motive, Imai stated, “Even though I had to lead a life with no foreseeable future, she was leading a glittering life, and I developed a desire to kill her. True to his words, life at the company dormitory in Adachi-ku, where he lived until just before the crime was committed, was so bleak.

A roommate at the dormitory revealed, “Imai was living in the dormitory of a security company.

Imai came to the security company’s dormitory around April of this year. The dormitory was a house, and each room was assigned to an employee. At work, he rarely greeted anyone, and even in the dormitory, he would retreat to his room as soon as he heard the sound of someone else’s footsteps. My workmates called me a “gloomy person.

He worked as a traffic guide, but no one ever saw his face properly because he always wore a helmet and a mask while working. Once I asked him, ‘Have you done this kind of work before?’ I asked him, and he replied angrily in a whisper, ‘Yes, I have. The rent for the dormitory is 30,000 yen, with 13,000 yen for common expenses. However, the first three months are rent free, so all Imai was paying was the common-area fee.

While working as a traffic policeman, Imai must have desperately saved up money and went to high-class soap operas. Eventually, he developed feelings for the number one girl, but when she refused his request, he resented her ……. The reason for the crime was so shortsighted and selfish.

The high-class soap in Yoshiwara, Tokyo, where the Imai suspect committed the crime. It was a popular establishment, but is now closed.

From the June 2, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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