The “X-Day” that is approaching behind the scenes when Ennosuke Ichikawa “Kanjinsha” Shochiku dares to mention that they are not in an employment relationship. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “X-Day” that is approaching behind the scenes when Ennosuke Ichikawa “Kanjinsha” Shochiku dares to mention that they are not in an employment relationship.

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Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was confirmed dead by his parents. Depending on how the investigation goes, ……

A tremor has rocked the pears garden.

On the morning of May 18, kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was found dead at his home in Meguro, Tokyo, and was rushed to the hospital, where he was released on May 19 and questioned by the police.

After an autopsy on his deceased father, Danshiro Ichikawa, and mother, Nobuko Ichikawa, the police announced that the cause of death was believed to be psychotropic drug intoxication. Mr. Ennosuke committed suicide by hanging himself in a semi-underground room, but his life was not in danger. Mr. Ennosuke has begun to make a statement, and it seems that he has revealed that he had a “family meeting” with his family.

The “Josei Seven” (Women’s Seven), published on the 18th, reported allegations of sexual harassment against Ennosuke. The article included a description of sexual minorities, and it is undeniable that Ennosuke, shocked by the article, may have acted impulsively.

Despite the cheerful character we see on TV and on stage, Ennosuke is quite sensitive. He was carrying the signboard of “Sawasaburaya” and the big name of “Ennosuke” on his shoulders, and he was trying to do something about the stagnant Kabuki world.

He was always concerned about how he was perceived by the public, and I think he may have lost patience with the series of news reports.

(Sports newspaper reporter) However, it is honestly unintelligible to say that “both his parents….

What Ennosuke, who has been taken to the hospital, will tell the police when they interview him will be the key to the future, and the media is beginning to anticipate an “X-day.

The authorities quickly determined that “a case has been made” based on the circumstances at his home. The authorities quickly determined that there was a case based on the circumstances at the home and deployed the Investigation Department, and a forensic team from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrived at the home on the morning of January 19.

The police also investigated the estimated time of death of the parents, along with the cause of death, and the time at which the physical changes occurred. As far as the investigative methods are concerned, they are working under the same system as in a general heart-suicide or murder case. The media is becoming increasingly tense.

Shochiku, the “promoter” of Kabuki performances, also seems to be aware that this is the biggest pinch for the Nashien.

On the evening of August 18, the company announced its position on the matter.

“We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the concern this incident has caused to many people, including kabuki fans.

The company apologized. As for the report in a women’s magazine about Ennosuke’s “sexual assault,” he said, “We, too, are aware of the power harassment and sexual misconduct that has taken place.

We believe that power harassment and sexual harassment should not be tolerated, and we will take firm action as a company,” he said, clarifying the company’s position.

After clarifying the company’s position, he added

However, there are some uncertainties in the article, such as hearsay, and we would like to confirm the facts first.

And then

“Although there are limits to what we can do in relation to the private life of a Kabuki actor who is not in an employment relationship with us, we will make every effort to understand the information and take appropriate action.

The aforementioned sports newspaper reporter said, “We will try to grasp the information and take appropriate measures. The sports newspaper reporter mentioned above said

I felt that he is aware of the crisis of power harassment and sexual harassment in the Kabuki world from what I read. It seems as if he is taking a lesson from the incident at Johnny’s.”

He analyzed the situation. The fact that he went out of his way to insert the sentence, “We are not in an employment relationship…” also shows his concern.

In the worst case scenario, it could have a huge impact not only on his future work but also on his past performances. If this were to happen, the issue of penalty and guarantee money would naturally become a topic of discussion. I think there must be some intention in clarifying that there is no employment relationship at this point in time.

He pointed out.

The movie in which Ennosuke appears, “Emergency Room the Finale” (starring Yuki Amami), is scheduled to be released on June 16. Ennosuke plays the role of Yojiro Osanai, the Prime Minister, who is confronted by the Emergency Case Response Team (a.k.a. Kintori) of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division, to which Amami belongs.

The distributor is in an uproar because the film is just about to be released to the public. If the film is cancelled, the damage will be outrageous.

For now, the only thing to do is to wait and see how the situation develops.

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