Michiru Tenma, former Takarazuka actress who played the role of “uncle,” talks about her secret marriage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Michiru Tenma, former Takarazuka actress who played the role of “uncle,” talks about her secret marriage

An exclusive and shocking interview with a former Takarazuka actress who is celebrating her marriage

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Former Takarazuka “uncle actor” gets married! I immediately asked for an interview on the shocking news… and was horrified by the drama of love…!

“My husband had been wondering if it would make Yahoo News when we announced our marriage. My husband was very nervous even before the announcement.

Michiru Amma, a former Takarazuka actress who mastered the role of “uncle” in the Takarazuka Revue, has announced her marriage. This surprised and congratulated not only her fans but also many people in the Takarazuka community.

When did Ms. Amama, who played the role of an uncle, get married? “I interviewed Mr. Amma, the former uncle and current newlywed wife, about their encounter and the realities of married life.

“When I asked him for a photo, he immediately took on the face of a “cool guy. He’s been studying the coolness of men for 15 years.

“It was the anniversary of his retirement. October October October 14 “On October 14, the anniversary of October 14, the anniversary of my departure. I wanted to report it via social networking sites. Until then, I didn’t want people to notice. When I told him that, he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I don’t have any friends. ( LOL! ) I don’t have any friends.

There were reports that she and the groom had been dating for 10 years.

“I was wrong about the 10-year relationship, we’ve been friends for 10 years. It’s not for me to say, but he’s very strange.

The final form of a Takarazienne is not just “marriage.

When I was an active member of the Takarazen, I used to think that if I had a relationship with a man, he would say, “You’re not focusing on your art. When I was an active Takarazuka, I felt very guilty about dating because I thought, ‘I’m not focusing on my art, I’m turning my back on my art. I was very strict about checking out men. I think I was also very strict about checking out men.

Also, I didn’t like it when my partner would say things like “in general” or “normally. What do you mean by ‘in general’? I thought. ( (laughs) ). When I left the company, people around me worried about my marriage. When I left the company, people around me worried about my marriage, and I answered, ‘It’s okay, I’m leaving to work.

So Tenma got married…!

“She got married…! With my colleagues. “With my classmates, I told them that if we were still single after 10 years, we would live in the same apartment and support each other. That’s why this sudden marriage…

That’s why this sudden marriage….

That’s why this sudden marriage… “Tasso, what’s going on with that story? I think it’s frowned upon. I think it’s frowned upon. I’m sure everyone else is thinking, “How can an old man actor like me be a real person? I’m sure everyone else is thinking, “How can an uncle actor like me be a real person?

“To be honest, I was a bit surprised. The man who became her husband was originally an acquaintance of hers from her Takarazuka class, who introduced her to him about 10 years ago, saying, “I don’t have any friends, so I want you to be my friend.

About 10 years ago, he introduced me to someone who had no friends and asked me to be his friend. I said, “Well, by all means,” and four or five of us, including myself, became his ‘friends. He was originally a Takarazuka fan along with his parents. He came to see me perform in the Hana-gumi, which I was in at the time, and at the time he was like, ‘I’ll just wave at you from the stage.

But he was the type of Zuka fan who supported the daughter actors.

But he was the kind of Zuka fan who supported the daughter actors. “After the performance, I asked him, ‘You only saw the daughter actors, not me, right? He said, “I’m sorry, I did.

After the performance, I asked her if she had only seen the girl actors, not me, and she said, ‘I’m sorry, I hadn’t.’ She said, ‘Of course the girls who shine in the middle are wonderful, but I want to support the girl actors who work hard at the end of the stage, because I know them well. He’s a gentleman and a very nice guy, but he’s not single-minded. (laughs). (laughs) But I’m becoming an old man inside, so he and I would talk about the new girl actors, saying, ‘She’s really cute, isn’t she?

After such a period of dating, they got married.

The bride showed off her ring, which was quite manly. The ring had an 87-sided diamond, named after the flower group to which she belonged!

“I’ve never had a crush on him, but I knew he was kind.

“I’ve never had a crush on him, but I thought he was kind. I’ve been studying it for 15 years. I’ve been studying ‘cool’ as a male actor for fifteen years, so when I see a guy trying to be cool, I think, ‘You can’t do that just because it’s a bit of a trick. Do you think that’s cool? Do you really think so? And I hate it when people treat me like I’m their girl. I also hated it when people casually called me names.”

Tenma, who has been playing male roles for 15 years, has a slightly unique perspective on men. Furthermore.

“I’m cynical, so I feel bad when I’m the first priority. I don’t like people who are only kind to me. In that respect, he was kind to everyone around him.

When she travels with her family, her husband, who works as an acupuncturist, doesn’t take time off from work because “rehabilitation patients are coming,” and joins them after work. He is kind but not flexible.

On one occasion, he was worried about Tenma’s sister’s health and sent her medicine right away. He sent her medicine in a brown envelope sealed with wax, which was a bit creepy, just like the Phantom.

He also gave a large number of Takarazuka DVDs to his own brother’s wife who was interested in Takarazuka. Moreover, he carefully presented the “order in which he wanted her to watch them. The daughter-in-law was delighted, but “a little turned off,” he said.

“He is a person who works too hard for someone else’s sake. The other day, on my way home from work on a rainy day, he picked me up at the station because I do not carry an umbrella.

He was waiting for me at the station, soaking wet and in such a hurry that I wondered how fast he had come. He was waiting for me at the station in such a messy and soaked state that I wondered how hurried he was.

I thought, “Why are you standing there like Moses? Kindness is the only principle of his behavior, but it was too funny.

When she talks about her husband, she seems to be very happy.

Her husband is like a daughter actress with heroine qualities.

I met his parents, who are Takarazuka fans, and talked with them every performance, so it was very easy for us to start dating on the premise of marriage.

“In the end, I was going to live my life with the goal of protecting my own family, so I thought it would be okay if I couldn’t marry him.

We both have many siblings, and he is the second oldest. I’ve never been in a position where I’ve been asked what I want to eat for dinner, but I’ve never been accepted.

I thought I could marry him like a friend who has a similar upbringing and knows what he wants. I’ve been called a weirdo my whole life, and I think he’s a weirdo, but I think we’ll be able to spend every day laughing.

Although he is a weirdo, he is hyper-positive and a “real sunny guy.

He’s a weirdo, but he’s also hyper-positive and a “real positive person. 10 When my request for dinner was rejected for the 10th time in a row, I wondered why I felt so sorry for myself. But if I don’t think it’s funny, I can’t do it,” he said. He’s just a cheerful person, isn’t he?

The two newlyweds are now temporarily living together at Amma’s parents’ house. Her husband is on dinner duty on Thursdays and Sundays, and cooks meals for six people.

“I’m sorry to say this, but I’m the one who makes the meals. …good. There are times when it’s good and times when it’s There are There are good times and bad times…like when I try a new dish…but I appreciate it!

When I can’t come home from work, he says, “I’ll make dinner, don’t worry,” but I’m a little worried about what he’s going to try today. But he waits until I get home without eating, and then reheats the food and eats it with me. That’s sweet.”

He can’t change himself with dexterity, but I love that he doesn’t play it cool.

I love the fact that he is not pretentious. Ten years ago. I want to thank my classmate who introduced me to him 10 years ago. I can’t sleep on my feet.”

What is Amma’s relationship with her husband?

“I play the role of an awakened man and he plays the role of a heroine.

The other day, I was driving on a beautiful sunny day, and I saw Mt. Fuji in front of me. When I told him in the passenger seat that it was Mount Fuji, he said, “Where? Where is it? He was looking around for it. It’s in front of us! You’re too late! I couldn’t help but sneer at him. I couldn’t help but snub him. I couldn’t help but snarl at her, and she said, “Michiru-san, you shouldn’t use such foul language. I got even more upset and said, “You’re not a real girl. I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry.

I can feel the love and drama in every episode. As expected… I wish you a long and happy life together!

Looking at the camera, Ms. Tenma is dignified. “Of course I will continue to work even after marriage. My husband’s support is very reassuring. She may look like this, but she is full of happiness!

Michiru Tenma: Joined the Takarazuka Revue in 2006 and left in October 2018. He has been involved in planning and directing stage performances, recitation plays, and events. His book “This is how it looks like, I’m a former Takarazuka actress” (published by Right and Left), published in the spring of 2021, received a great response, and he is currently writing the second installment. Her nickname is “Tasso. She has opened an online salon, “Michiru Tenma no Uta(n) Gekidan Cheering Group. Newly married.

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