Former Secretary of Congressman Mizuho Umemura, Arrested for Attempted Murder but Rehired, Now Says, “Pay 5 Million Yen!” She filed a lawsuit against her friend. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Secretary of Congressman Mizuho Umemura, Arrested for Attempted Murder but Rehired, Now Says, “Pay 5 Million Yen!” She filed a lawsuit against her friend.

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Mr. A continues to be protected by the Restoration Association, despite the disapproval of his acquaintances.

The Japan Innovation Party increased its number of seats in the Kansai region in the first half of the nationwide local elections, winning a solo majority in the Osaka Prefectural Assembly and City Assembly, as well as in the race for the governorship of Nara Prefecture. In the second half of the election, the Japan Restoration Association also increased its seats in the Tokyo metropolitan area and won 774 seats nationwide. While the party seems to be enjoying the spring of its own life, a new spark is smoldering under the feet of the party.

The Japan Innovation Party rehired a secretary who was arrested for attempted murder as a party official, an incident reported by Friday Digital in June 2010.

Let us look back at the circumstances.

In April 2009, Mr. A, the first secretary to House of Councilors member Mizuho Umemura (44), was invited to a housewarming party for his friend B, who lived in Osaka Prefecture. The friend and Mr. A are the same age. They enjoyed the party with their families, but after going to a nearby bar and returning to the newly built house, Mr. A became intoxicated and had an argument with Mr. B. It was around 1:00 a.m. when Mr. A and Mr. B were both in the same age group. It was around 1 am.

Mr. C, another classmate, and Mr. D, an acquaintance of Mr. A’s brother, were also at the party, and they all told Mr. A that he had been drinking and that he should call a representative to take him home. But then an unbelievable tragedy occurred.

As soon as B went outside to see what was going on, he was hit by A. A seemed to have hit B twice, and once more there was a sudden braking sound. In a panic, Mr. C and Ms. D ran out the front door to find B bouncing on the hood, A had pulled him down onto the street, mounted him, and beat him to a pulp. Mr. D kicked the rampaging A in the face and pulled him away from B. A police officer arrived after receiving a 110 call, but by then everyone had cooled down, so he told them that they were friends and would talk it out among themselves and that he was drunk, and once the officer left,” said a friend of Mr. B.

An acquaintance of Mr. B’s continued with a clouded expression.

“When we returned to B’s house, A confided that he ‘ran over him with the intention of killing him,’ which surprised everyone. But he seemed remorseful and said, ‘I’m quitting my job as secretary,’ so they broke up there. The problem is what happened after that. To my surprise, A called B and complained, ‘I’m going to the hospital because I’ve lost the sight in my left eye because I was kicked. If that’s the way you’re going to behave, I understand. I’ll move too! A was arrested for attempted murder.

Mr. A’s wife’s father, in other words, his father-in-law, is a leading figure in the Osaka Restoration Association, having been elected more than 10 times. Perhaps fearing that this unprecedented scandal would tarnish the Restoration Association’s reputation, Mr. A’s father offered Mr. B a settlement in tears.

“A’s father said, ‘My son is sorry. Can’t you persuade B to put an end to this?’ He also contacted B’s friends. At first, Mr. A’s side prepared a settlement of 1 million yen. Putting the amount aside for the moment, what angered B was the content of the settlement. It said, ‘A hit B with his car. He said he hit B with the intention of killing him, but it was unintentional. Of course, B refused. It’s called a prosecution conference, isn’t it? The day before the meeting to decide whether to prosecute or not, the amount of the settlement was increased to 5 million yen, and the content of the settlement was revised to say ‘I ran over him intentionally. Everyone persuaded B to accept the settlement, and it was reached at the last minute.

During his detention, Mr. A apologized in tears to an acquaintance who visited him. After the indictment was dropped on May 14, Mr. A again sent a message to his acquaintances saying , “I am truly sorry for the trouble I have caused you.

Mr. Umemura bows his head at the press conference held in response to Mr. A’s arrest.

Mr. A later resigned from Umemura’s office, but was hired by the Osaka Restoration Association as an employee at the party headquarters, where he was in charge of public relations and press. One month after the settlement, the article in question was published in Friday Digital.

At the time, the Osaka Restoration Association responded to an interview with this magazine, saying, “The charges were dropped, the settlement was completed, and he was reflecting on his actions, so we hired him based on his work experience.

Mr. A’s father-in-law has been friends with Ichiro Matsui, the former mayor of Osaka City, since their days as Liberal Democratic Party members. He is a big-name prefectural assembly member who can speak for Mr. Matsui. The Restoration Association was expanding rapidly as a political party, and we were short of personnel who could take charge of practical affairs. I thought that if he would work quietly as a staff member, he would be a good candidate for a job at ……, but Mr. A showed no sign of remorse at all and rather made comments as if he were the victim, making those around him feel uncomfortable.

This all seemed to be over. However, as the year drew to a close, Mr. A took a surprising action.

In February 2011, Mr. A sent Mr. D a letter stating that he had been unilaterally beaten and kicked by Mr. D and that he should pay compensation for the damages. When Mr. D refused, Mr. A’s lawyer called Mr. D and asked him, “Don’t you think you are taking too much money for a friend? If you don’t intend to compensate me for damages, we will have to meet in court.

In March of ’23, Mr. A finally filed a lawsuit against Mr. D. The contents of the lawsuit were full of bullshit, such as that B had blamed him for hitting him and choking him, etc. The scene where A ran over B with the Skyline was supposed to be when A was grabbed and hit in front of his house by B. The contents of the settlement he wrote were inconsistent. What on earth do they want when it contradicts the contents of the settlement agreement they wrote? Incidentally, the amount claimed for damages is 5 million yen. This is the same amount as the settlement that A paid to B. Everyone was stunned, saying, ‘He must have been really dissatisfied with the settlement.

When we confirmed this with the Osaka Restoration Association, they replied, “A is a party official, but the party has nothing special to say to him about other questions.

A former official of the Osaka Restoration Association said with a sigh, “Mr. A is a new creation of Mr. Matsui’s. He is a member of the party.

The business of MY Management is wide-ranging, from talent promotion to consulting and real estate business. By holding on to Restoration’s funds through MY Management, Mr. Matsui will maintain his power, and Mr. A will work under him.

On May 11, the trial filed by Mr. A began at the Osaka District Court. The slogan of the Ishin government, which has a soft spot for its own people, “Cutting oneself to the bone,” sounds hollow.

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