From variety show, to singer, to actress, to singer…to full-fledged music career! Ryoko Shinohara’s “twists and turns” in her career as an entertainer | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From variety show, to singer, to actress, to singer…to full-fledged music career! Ryoko Shinohara’s “twists and turns” in her career as an entertainer

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She was three months pregnant at the time of this

It has been announced that Ryoko Shinohara will hold a concert tour starting on August 13, her 50th birthday.

The concert, titled “Ryoko Shinohara Birthday Premium Billboard Live 2023,” will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama, with Shinohara herself commenting as follows.

Shinohara herself commented as follows: “I have decided to hold a live concert on this milestone year of my 50th birthday. I came to Tokyo dreaming of becoming a singer since I was a child, and I believe that it is thanks to you all that I am still able to sing today. I hope you will come to the concert. I look forward to seeing you at the venue.”

Shinohara resumed her music career in February last year, singing “Crazy for you,” the theme song for “Goldfish Wife” (Netflix), in which she plays the lead role, under the name “sino R fine” (Sinor Fine) after a 20-year absence. In September, she released the 2023 version of her 1994 double-million hit “Koishisato, Setsunashisa, Kokkyo koto todo” (Love, Sadness, and Strength), which she covered herself with Tetsuya Komuro again.

Before appearing in Kohaku, Ms. Shinohara played the role of Ren Meguro’s mother in the drama “silent,” and she had put on a lot of weight for the role. She had gained a lot of weight for the role, and she had to prepare carefully for the role by toning her body, strengthening her abdominal muscles for her voice, and practicing voice training. Thanks to her efforts, she was able to sing the original song in the same key she had used 28 years earlier. The Internet was abuzz with praise.

At that press conference, Shinohara said, “Personally, I hope it is possible…” about his music career after 2011. However, as she said in her opening comments, her dream when she first entered the entertainment business was to become a singer.

Her debut was in 1990 as a member of the idol group “Tokyo Performance Doll. However, during the idol winter period, she became well known through her regular appearances on the variety show “Downtown no Gottsu-eki” (Downtown’s Gottsu-esque). From there, she was discovered by Tetsuya Komuro, who made “Aisatte to became a big hit. However, after the dissolution of her partnership with Komuro, she experimented with her own unique approach to music, but failed to produce any hits. At the time, she once said, “The songs that I think are good don’t sell as well as the ones that I think are good.

After that, she got her big break as an actress, so she turned to acting as her main career. After 20 years of marriage, childbirth, divorce, and other twists and turns, Shinohara finally seized the opportunity to become an artist.

At a product launch for a hair care brand in 2010
In 2010, her drama “Goldfish Wife” became a hot topic.
In ’18, she laughed and boldly denied her divorce when directly interviewed by this magazine.
In ’18, she was seen without makeup after returning from a spa treatment.
She was appearing in a cosmetics commercial at the time, so she was very careful about taking care of her skin.
After the spa, she went to a yakiniku restaurant to recharge her batteries.
Returning from a yakitori restaurant. Her rough look is also typical of her.
Beautiful legs at a stage greeting for the movie “Unfair” in 2011. She was three months pregnant at the time.
Italian date with Masachika Ichimura in 2011.
Interview in between recording sessions in 1994. She says cheerfully, “I’ve had a lot of hardships since my debut.
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