Ennosuke Ichikawa, whose “parents died & emergency transport” lawyer points out that there is only this much possibility that “police will move to arrest him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ennosuke Ichikawa, whose “parents died & emergency transport” lawyer points out that there is only this much possibility that “police will move to arrest him.

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Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was rushed to the hospital. He is said to be in life-threatening condition. ……

I think there is a strong possibility that they will lean toward a policy of making an arrest.”

Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was rushed to the hospital after he and his parents were found collapsed at home. Hiroki Takahashi, an attorney at Atom Law Office, pointed out that there is a “high possibility” that he will be arrested.

On May 18, Takahashi posted on his YouTube channel

Kabuki Actor Ennosuke Ichikawa: Family Suicide? Arrested? The influence of the report of sexual assault by Josei Seven? A Lawyer Explains the Heavy Criminal Liability and Unexpected Inheritance Issues” on his YouTube channel.

The video was posted to explain the turmoil caused by Ennosuke.

At this point, he mentioned three possibilities, just as a general theory, as he was not able to talk to Ennosuke.

The first was that if Ennosuke and his parents each committed suicide, it would not be criminal because suicide is not a crime.

Second, if he assisted his parents in committing suicide, he would be guilty of “aiding and abetting suicide. Furthermore, if a person is asked to kill someone or agrees to commit suicide, he or she may be guilty of “commissioned murder” or “consensual murder.

Third, if the victim is involved in a forced suicide without consent, he or she is guilty of “murder,” which carries a maximum penalty of death, and the case will be tried by a jury.

While Mr. Takahashi chose his words carefully, he said, “Assisted suicide or forcible manslaughter?

We have to investigate whether it was assisted suicide or involuntary manslaughter. The evidence will be based solely on his own statement. The police and prosecutors will have to consider the possibility that the suspect will try to commit suicide again if he is not arrested.

If the suspect commits suicide, it is the greatest means of escape, and it can be considered the greatest destruction of evidence. There is a reasonable possibility that the police will try to arrest him when he recovers his strength.

He said.

The two managers reportedly found Ennosuke collapsed at his home and called the police, but many members of the press were also present at the scene.

According to a member of the press who went to the scene, the “Investigation Department,” which has jurisdiction over homicides, was at Ennosuke’s home for some reason. It may have been a precautionary measure, but since both of his parents are dead, we need to talk to him.

On the day he was taken to the emergency room, an article in “Josei Seven” was uploaded on the Internet. Under the headline “Sexual Damage in Kabuki’s Ravaging Shake,” the article reported allegations that he had been sexually harassing and power-harassing his apprentices and other members of his own troupe, including kissing them. However, the relationship to this latest series of events is still unclear.

It is said that there was also something like a suicide note, but the truth is being hastened by getting the truth out of Ennosuke’s mouth – and getting to the bottom of the matter.

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