The “rapid emergence of ‘Unsung'” and “highly regulated marijuana gummies”… A former dealer reveals the “latest drug situation of Generation Z.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “rapid emergence of ‘Unsung'” and “highly regulated marijuana gummies”… A former dealer reveals the “latest drug situation of Generation Z.”

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Drug abuse is spreading, especially among young people. In the Tohyoko neighborhood, “overdose,” the intentional overdose of over-the-counter drugs, is becoming popular (photo from Twitter).

Around July of last year, ‘Unsun’ began to appear on the market at a rapid pace. Since then, the end price has been going up. I think it’s the highest price in the last 10 years.

Mr. X, a former drug trafficker with more than 15 years of drug trafficking experience, said in a low voice. The term “unsung” refers to a “fake” methamphetamine that has spread rapidly in the past year. It is said that the name was given to the drug because it “goes on and on and on” when ingested.

The situation surrounding methamphetamine is now at a major turning point. The biggest change is the soaring price of methamphetamine. The price, which until last year was 30,000-40,000 yen per gram, has now skyrocketed to 50,000-60,000 yen, about 1.5 times higher than before. This is largely due to the large influx of “unsung,” as mentioned at the beginning of this article, into the market. (All statements in parentheses are made by Mr. X.)

The price of “Unsun” is not very high, but it is a very rare product,” said Mr. X. “Because fake products have appeared on the market, the rarity of genuine products has increased, and as a result, the price has jumped. Among them, “Unsoon” was so elaborate that most dealers were fooled. Not only did it look like the real thing, but it tasted just like the real thing. One of the requirements for a good methamphetamine is that when the crystal is cracked, a vertical crack appears, which is favored by professionals for its high purity. It is called “gankoro” or “vertical cracking,” and “Unsung” is a beautiful crystal. It also tastes perfect. Methamphetamine has a distinctive bitterness that makes the tip of the tongue tingle, but it was definitely a little bittersweet. It was a little thin, but it was neither sugar nor salt. It dissolves in water and can be injected intravenously. That’s why all the experienced traffickers were given an inferior product that they didn’t even know what it was.

A photograph of the actual “Unsoon” provided by Mr. X. If it only looks like a genuine product, it is. If you just look at it, it is indistinguishable from real methamphetamine.

Many drug dealers have been duped by Eunsoon, but its true identity is still unknown.

It has not been identified who brought it to Japan. It is only a rumor. …… It is said that a technology to refine methamphetamine from over-the-counter drugs has been established overseas, and it is said that a failed product imitating this technology may be circulating in the market. But we just don’t really know.”

The appearance of elaborate counterfeit products has had certain ironic results. Until now, no matter how hard the crackdown was enforced, there was no end to the number of methamphetamine victims, but with the advent of the “Unsoon,” the number of addicts and traffickers who have backed off has increased, according to the report.

Even customers who buy from trusted dealers have given up, saying that the drugs don’t work at all,” said one of the traffickers. One girl I know bought methamphetamine three times for 60,000 yen a time, and all the times she got ‘Unsoon,’ so she said she felt stupid and quit. Among my acquaintances alone, there are many people who have been doing this for many years who have quit.

The purchasing method has also changed. I used to purchase as much as possible at one time to reduce the risk, but now no one purchases in bulk. I am afraid of getting a large amount of counterfeit goods. That’s why I buy one gram every day from my suppliers. It’s a hassle and increases the risk of being caught, but it’s still better than losing a lot of money.

Legal marijuana gummies” on the market. The package contains “THCH” and other marijuana ingredients.

On the other hand, there is another drug that is spreading rapidly, especially among young people. These are “legal marijuana gummies. The key word “edible,” which means “edible,” has been used to describe these products, which are also available in cookies and ice cream. The number of users is exploding, as they contain a certain amount of ingredients derived from marijuana plants, such as CBD and THCH.

The ingredients are just barely within the legal limits, of course, but the special formulations are designed to have the same effects as conventional marijuana,” said Mr. Kato. I tried it myself, but it was so effective that I thought it would soon be regulated. It tasted like a cola gummy bear, but I was surprised to find that just after eating half of it, I was in a “munchie state,” the same as with marijuana. Munchies are one of the states of being high, where everything you eat is good and you can eat as much as you want.

They look exactly the same as other gummy bears. Because they can be consumed without resistance, they are very popular, especially among young people. Some even make and sell their own gummy bears.

Another reason for their popularity among young people is the widespread use of social networking services and the ease with which they can be purchased through flea market apps. Mr. X, who resells items he buys at stores, says that his items are sold as soon as he puts them up for sale.

One of my acquaintances who was penniless suddenly became rich after he started working at a store that sells legal marijuana gummies,” he said. Some of them are earning as much as 3 million yen a month, and I feel that they are really selling well.

Legal marijuana-related products look just like ordinary snacks, and since they are not injected or roasted, even young people can easily consume them without resistance. And if they are told that it is legal, they can use it without feeling any discomfort. Marijuana is called a gateway drug and is considered dangerous because it may lead people to other drugs, but this is legal, so there is no chance of getting caught by the police.

The drug situation in Reiwa continues to change on a daily basis, with the soaring price of methamphetamine, the mass distribution of forgeries, and the birth of new trendy products. It is precisely because the threat of drugs is now undermining Japan that the issue must be seriously considered once again.

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