Sasaki Kuranosuke’s marriage to an ordinary woman is the talk of the town | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sasaki Kuranosuke’s marriage to an ordinary woman is the talk of the town

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In ’14, Friday reported that Sasaki went to the home of an ordinary woman 20 years younger than him. He denied that he was in a relationship.

At the end of October, actor Kuranosuke Sasaki’s marriage was announced through his agency. He has been called “the last great bachelor actor” along with actor Yutaka Takenouchi, so the internet response was huge, and attention was focused on the existence of the “woman who broke the last stronghold”.

In the past, he has been known as “the great bachelor actor. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.

It was in 2002 that this magazine broke the story of Sasaki’s romance with a woman who lived in Tokyo and worked in the pharmaceutical industry. However, rumors have circulated in the industry about Sasaki’s secret marriages, not only with this woman but with other women as well. There have been many rumors circulating in the industry. That’s how shrouded in secrecy Sasaki’s private life has been.

“The first time her love life was revealed was in 2004. She was with actress Mayumi Ono. They co-starred in a TV drama and lived on the same floor of the same apartment building, which led to their relationship. They were photographed on a fly day strolling together in the evening.

Two years later, it was reported that they had broken up, but there were rumors that they were still in a secret relationship. In 2004, there was even a report that they had gotten married.

The next person who became aware of their relationship was the “girl” in question. The reason for the relationship was that “Mr. Sasaki picked her up”, and an acquaintance of the woman told this magazine that “if they met, he would ask her many times a night”.

“He would visit the women’s homes late at night and return home before dawn. He answered that he didn’t know any such woman, but eventually he said he was just there to pick up some medicine, and denied to the end that he was in a relationship with her.

Two years later, another report circulated that he was about to get married to a woman he had been living with for many years, but its authenticity remained unknown.

The sports paper reported that the woman he married this time was “a woman in her late 30s whom he had been dating for about 10 years.

Although the identity of the woman is not known, Sasaki said of the woman, “My partner is also of a mature age, so if we can spend our time together peacefully, if we can slowly age together, that’s all that matters.


I have no intention of losing to her, or even winning in the first place, so I’m going to declare my complete defeat.

I’m going to declare my defeat.

“I’m going to declare my defeat as soon as possible.” “Because of the timing of their relationship and the fact that she is an ‘ordinary woman,’ fans and the Internet were wondering if she was the woman who was reported on Friday in 2002. A sports journalist.

So, I checked with Sasaki’s agency.

When I checked with Sasaki’s office, they said, “It’s not her, it’s another woman. It’s a private matter, so I can’t say anything about it.

I can’t say anything about it because it’s a private matter. I wonder what kind of woman made the bachelor of the entertainment industry fall in love with her. I can’t help but be curious, and I wish her a long and happy life…!

Half an hour after the woman came home to her apartment, Sasaki arrived wearing a cap and mask (photo by Ippei Hara).
Five days after the photo above, he visited her house again, this time for about two hours.
In ’04, it was reported that he was in love with Mayumi Ono, who lived in the same apartment building. There were days when they enjoyed eating out together.
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